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Thursday, June 20, 2019


                                            I like these cute little S&P shakers...
                           Mom got them at a flea market, years ago....
                           I think of our fun outings whenever I use them.

                              I FINALLY finished my old 
                                Cathedral Window piece....all by hand....
I use it here....
                Under my sea glass and shells collection on an old pink
                     depression ware cake stand that 
                         comes down to me from my Grand-mere💖💜

               This picture of the two of us with our darling Granddaughter 
                  just after her High School Graduation ceremony...
                    (don't you love the sneaker pile on the right??);)))

                OMYGOSH--we ALL loved this for sure--
                                  inside was a lovely marble cake.....


And finally.....
          I love my own little view outside my sewing room window..
                  I can see the mailman coming 
                            (with my fabrics, of course ;}}}} )

Thank you LeeAnna for hosting us all once again...

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likes for this week at Not Afraid of Color....

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (glass half-full-euse)


  1. Good Morning Julierose! What a pretty name, by the way. Congrats to Cassidy - what a nice picture of the three of you. I'm sure you're wondering where the heck the time went?!! Your cathedral window piece is just gorgeous. Oh, the depth those fabric choices give the piece and it looks fab hosting the depression glass. I have a few pieces that I should get out and use instead of keeping them in a cupboard. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Congratulations to your Granddaughter. She is cute! You two are cute, too. Love your Cathedral Window piece, and your sea glass collection.

  3. LOVELY post and how good to see you two with your granddaughter. I like your window view, too. (and congrats on that cathedral window piece - I gave up on mine about half-way along).

  4. I too love the salt and pepper shakers. Congrats on your granddaughter's graduation. Hugs

  5. What a happy photo with your granddaughter. I like that view from your sewing area. Enjoy!

  6. Your Cathedral Windows piece is wonderful, Julierose! Perfect for under that bowl of sea glass and shells. You said you made it all by hand, and now I'm curious about how to make those blocks. That's something I've never tried, but I am enjoying hand-piecing a lot these days. Lovely picture of you with your granddaughter!

  7. I love the cathedral window quilt. Those colors are wonderful. Huzzah for a graduation! :-)

  8. I love those fan like pieces in your last post. Going to be wonderful.
    Meanwhile congrats to that lovely granddaughter. And you have a very pretty view from your sewing room. Also love how you are showcasing the treasures...dishes and cathedral blocks runner.

  9. Happy celebration, wonderful. Good photos. I love your Cathedral Window finish.
    Congratulations all around.

  10. what a lovely collection of sea glass! pretty quilt and cute shakers and that cake look delicious! congrats to your graduate

  11. the stevie wonder song rang thru my mind when I saw the grad photo... isn't she lovely. Great Cat. Window piece and I like the view too. Love seaglass, you have a big collection. LeeAnna

  12. Great likes. LOL I have that shoe pile going at my house inside and out too.

  13. Cathedral Window is beautiful! Love the shakers! Congratulations to Cassidy!

  14. I used to collect salt and pepper shakers but sold them all at a yard sale years ago. Should have kept some of them.


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