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Friday, June 5, 2020


                      My favorite Iris finally bloomed in our light rain last night..
                   Just love all those ruffle-y bits...and that tinge of yellow..

                       My Japanese Iris are also coming out:
                  And they are quite a different shade of purple-y blue
                                             aren't they???
Here they are juxtaposed ;you can see the two distinct
shades here         ↴↴↴↴
I love those little yellow, thin bud wrappings--like tissue papers...

                And:      Tah-Dah- my one peony BLOOMED
                                   looking like vanilla ice cream....

And here is one of my embroidered butterflies to accompany
the flowers..:

 I was out on our deck yesterday working on finishing 
                                this one's
                                      black outlines...

I finished adding the right side sashes to my BAD project ⇊⇊⇊
   I chose a Moda Basics Grunge in a taupe with gold shots...

Below is a close up of one of my favorite blocks↡↡↡

         This fabric seemed to blend with all the blocks pretty well..

So I cut the rest of the sashings and cornerstones...↴↴↴↴

        the cornerstones  is another Moda Grunge-y one in a pink....
I have never done cornerstones before, so this will be a challenge
putting it all together for me....[fingers crossed]

Today I  sewed the blocks in their final layout rows 
to prepare for tomorrow's cornerstone rows: ↡↡↡
                 Can you find the block I made a mistake on????? 

Somehow, I mis-measured and made it too small...probably on a 
day that i was feeling especially low....;0000
                                         [Hint: it was on the May 24th...]
I will end here with my lovely Rhodie all  in bloom⇟⇟⇟⇟
             That pink-y violet is a lot more intense in real life; 
                           Our gray skies here today
                                  have toned it down a lot....

We had replanted this on the 
front left corner of our house two years ago 
and then wondered if it would
even "take"-- it had gotten pretty big for transplanting...
Last year we had no blooms and it had 
yellowed, wilting
                               Quite a comeback!!;)))

Tonight we will eat my homemade minnestrone soup 
{this time I added some Cannellini beans to the mix} 
and garlic bread...
I hope you are all staying safe 
Difficult times....
Julierose, La Blageuse (staying busy-euse)


  1. Beautiful flowers...that peony is my favorite. The grudge fabrics you chose for your BAD projects is just perfect. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. Lovely irises. Wow your BAD project is awesome. Love the grunges that you are using.

  3. Your flowers are beautiful! Iris is so showy.

    You will like cornerstones because that gives you match points when sewing on the long strip.

  4. Oh wonderful - your ruffled iris is a stunner!!! Vamilla Ice Cream is a good description of the colour of your peony.Have fun with the cornerstones, I look forward to seeing your finished top.

  5. Your flowers are just gorgeous! I love all the ruffles in that iris!!! I don't have any of those...yet. Happy relaxing!

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous. Cant wait to see your BAD when done.
    I need a few more squares i think on mine.gotta revisit

  7. Your flowers are gorgeous and so are you snowball blocks! Have a wonderful day!

  8. So many beautiful flowers, and your snowballs are coming along nicely!

  9. Love your beautiful ruffled iris. Iris' are such unique flowers. There is just nothing that compares to them. That is my favorite block too. I couldn't find your mistake but I have to admit I didn't look too hard. It just looks so nice all together.

  10. I have those Japanese Irises and never knew their name until now. Thanks! I had rhodies once but they just never did grow even after transplant. Good luck with the cornerstones.

  11. That first iris is a stunner (well, they all are, but that one especially!). Thank you for showing your flutter-bye so we can get an idea of how large it actually is - I thought was a LOT smaller!

  12. Oh that ruffled iris! That is to die for! I love your snowballs too!

  13. What a luscious peony! So beautiful.


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