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Wednesday, June 3, 2020


             I have begun hand quilting (HQ) my "4th of July Baskets" ;

We were able to sit out on our deck 
this afternoon for a while....  
                 Thom power washed our Subaru ; and I got everything 
                                 ready on my little side table.
                        I took short breaks to read a bit 
                                      and rest my hands....

I have found myself getting anxious lately--
feeling like the whole world
has been turned upside-down
and, sadly, it has.;000

Hand quilting just calms me down.
I am so happy to have this project now to work on; 
I made the decision to hand quilt my baskets;
and I just LOVE how the  the teacup (redwhite) fabric looks when
big stitched.  It just takes quilting stitches beautifully! 
It is a softer than usual fabric so the stitches just snuggle in there.

                Boy oh boy, for my money there is nothing like the 
                   "look" of hand quilting...

I am working the two long seams first and then will do the crossways
ones before I decide just how much quilting I will do on this...

I probably won't finish before the 4th, but hopefully sometime
for a July "hanging". 
          And as usual I am quilting in my lap and without a hoop....
                  with my favorite DMC Perle Cotton in ecru...

Earlier this morning I began cutting some sashings for my
"Merry Month of May" BAD blocks...

Tonight I am making American Chop Suey for our dinner...

And, along with usual household chores:
"That's a Day"

Stay safe
Julierose, La Blageuse (hand quilting-euse) 


  1. Oh my! Your hand quilting is gorgeous, Julierose. Perfect for the basket quilt. And doing on the deck sounds like a lovely time.

  2. lovely quilting...i agree with your sentiments...

  3. I'm with you, the hand quilted look is the best!

  4. I'm sorry the current situation is making you anxious but am so glad you have the hand quilting to help calm you. It is a very scary time right now....
    I think we have a Mexican skillet meal planned tonight - chicken, onion, pepper, salsa, chicken broth, corn and some spices with minute rice. A quick 20 minute meal.

  5. Snap! I had an hour yesterday sitting on our patio in the Autumn sunshine doing big stitch quilting too. It's always so nice when we can do that, isn't it.

  6. Sounds like a busy day at that.
    Funny how handwork does relax and soothe the soul

  7. SEW glad to hear that the hand quilting works to calm your nerves for a time. Keep on stitching!

  8. You should finish all the outside edges first and put the binding on and it can hang for the 4th of July partially quilted with a threaded needle in it.

  9. Your quilting stitches are so neat and even! Quilting is excellent therapy for when we're feeling anxious or worried and yes, the world does seem to have turned upside down, it is all so very, very tragic. Lots of coverage on our TV news, can't believe what took place in Minneapolis!!!

  10. Beautiful stitching! The whole world is upside down. I'm trying not to watch the news too much. Too much anxiety!

  11. Oh, yes...hand quilting is good for the soul...mind yoga.
    Good idea to read in between stitching. Those baskets and the background were yummy to begin with and now the hand quilting is the icing on the baskets. Your needle looks long like a sashiko needle so maybe that is why it is easy to quilt without hoop. That is what I used last time when I hand quilted w/o hoop. It's getting too hot to hand quilt now...no a/c here so I will do embroidery or crochet on smaller things after I finish up current quilt.

    I like Wanda's idea for hanging for July 4. And if you think the world is still upside down then then hang it upside down too.

  12. Hand work is always the best, at least IMHO. I just ordered two jelly rolls with a Grandmother's Flower Garden hexxie quilt in mind....LOTS of hand stitching in my future I think. I'm counting on it being soothing and that it will help take my mind off the upheaval in the world.


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