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Sunday, May 31, 2020


        [sorry for the dark photo]
                                                   The Merry Month of May 30 blocks...

Here are some of the latest ones:  ↓↓↓

                                   I have no idea where I will be going with
                                       this BAD (block-a-day) as yet.....

                           My light purple irises are now coming out
                                       Rhodie coming into its own....
                                       by the front corner of our house ....

                              Lots of new growth going on here on my
                                  Colorado Blue Spruce, too

                                       And,    Peonies still tightly asleep

                         Japanese Iris just about ready to burst into bloom

                  Nice, that Spring has finally come to our 
                            little home on the hill....

                                                 Lighter 16 patches....
                                            Five more sets of these to go....
A coolish , sunny morning has dawned here...
I hope your Sunday is a restful one,

Stay safe all
Julierose, La Blageuse (planning-euse)


  1. great blocks! so pretty and your flowers are going to town

  2. The block-a-day quilt is almost like an "I SPY" quilt. I wish I could see it close up. Love the fabrics.

  3. May was another of those strange stay at home months, wasnt it. But you were productive, which always helps. Pretty garden photos, I always rather like the regal irises, we have a few here too.

  4. You sure had a productive May, Julierose! I really enjoy seeing all the snowball blocks together. So many different fabrics, but it works fabulously! And your flowers are gorgeous. We don’t have rhododendrons here, and our peony disappeared a couple years ago, so I love seeing yours! xo

  5. Love your flowers. Your BAD blocks would look so great with a light solid sashing allowing them to shine individually.

  6. I'm always intrigued with the fabrics you're using the centre of the May blocks and forget to pay attention to what you've used around the edges. Enjoyed the little garden tour too!

  7. Loving those BAD blocks!
    So far the only flowers I've seen in my yard are dandelions. Enjoy all those pretties!

  8. Happy June 1st! Great block progress and the spring flowers are gorgeous. There's nothing like an Iris, they're so showy.

  9. Your block-a-day blocks look great. That was a great idea you had and I look forward to seeing what you decide to do with them.

  10. Oh those irises and your beautiful garden. I love your ideas for the 4th of July baskets. Very pretty. Hope your water is fixed now.

  11. You have finished a lot of blocks. They all look great. The photos of your yard are gorgeous.

  12. Snowballs are lovely. As is your garden. A beautiful place to hang out anytime but especially these days. Enjoy yourself.

  13. Oh luscious flowers Julierose - the irises are beautiful and I bet you're hoping the paeonies open soon. Merry Month of May - third block down just looks like a Clarice Cliff pottery design!


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