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Wednesday, May 27, 2020


                                                  Two Jelly Roll 16-Patches Squared

I have five prepped up now ready to be sewn: Since Each pair of strips makes two 
large blocks that will make 10 more; 
they measure up to around 13" when boxed in....

                   I think I have used up all of my soft, light green fat quarters
                                          for the triangle corners...
                              So these may be the last ones I make...
                   I do have quite a few strips left--and they are all very light...

This older jelly roll was Three Sisters by Moda...I think it is so pretty...and it had
been in my stash for quite a while....
so I am very happy to be using it up ;)))


We had a beautiful sunny day here, after our morning fog burned off--
but now that cool ocean breeze has come up once again, so we have
moved in off our deck...and I have put on my fleece!!!;000

Will you be watching the manned Space Launch at 4:30 this afternoon???
We are so looking forward to watching...actually something on tv worth
seeing for a change...

~ ~ ~ waving from afar Julierose, La Blageuse 
(fingers crossed for a safe launch-euse)


  1. Your blocks are gorgeous! I just love the color of the fabrics you used. I'm looking forward to watching the launch, too. Enjoy!

  2. No I won't be watching TV this after noon. I've got too much real stuff to do. I catch up on news topics a couple days after the fact. I'm not into being force fed conjecture, and hysteria by main stream media.
    Great progress on your 16 blocks.
    I saw some amazing liberated 16 blocks by Jill who blogs at thepieladyquilts.
    We're having hot weather today.

  3. It feels so good to use up something that has been waiting for it's turn for a while. I have a jelly roll of an old old old Fig tree line that would thrill me to use it. I still like it, so pretty. I love your use of the soft green.

  4. Love your 16 patch in a square. Guess we get another day of tv to watch for that launch on Saturday (or Sunday... got to love Florida weather!).

  5. I'm sorry I missed the shuttle launch, it is uplifting and exciting to see something like that for a change.

    Your blocks are beautiful, as always, very ''you''.


    lizzy waving back thru the dense fog

  6. I don't think you could ever be bored because you're working on so many great projects! I keep eyeing jelly rolls and wishful thinking about a hexxie quilt and then I remember that I have the attention span of a gnat and it would quite simply be a waste of a lot of money.

  7. Such soft, pretty colors in those blocks. How lovely to be able to sit on your deck and feel the ocean breeze! We are having a lovely day here, after a few days of much rain.

  8. Those 16 patch blocks are so pretty, I love the fabrics. We had terrible lightning storms yesterday afternoon so I wasn't surprised with the launch was scrubbed. Hoping it goes well on Saturday. We will be watching from the patio.

  9. Your fabrics are so pretty! The 16 patches look great! Too bad the launch got delayed. I hope you watch it Saturday!

  10. Gorgeous fabrics and your blocks look awesome.

  11. Your 16 patch squares are multiplying nicely!

  12. Those are great blocks!

    I didn't know anything about the space launch, although I see from googling that it was delayed anyway. I wonder why I hadn't seen it mentioned in the media here? Maybe I jsut wasn't paying attention.

  13. Your choice of fabrics is fantastic, so elegant! Love seeing this project come together. Truly eye candy!!! Have a great week!


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