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Saturday, May 30, 2020


                        I am happy to say that my baskets are together now...;)))
                             I decided  to use that really old strip of the pink flowery 
                                  fabric to soften it up a bit.....

Here is a close up of it ↧↧↧↧
                                           Isn't it just so darling and sweet?  

FYI: Our water was back in service after some 4+ hours                
           so not too long...but it is, I was told, just a 
              "temporary fix" for the weekend....more work
                  will have to be done on Monday.....;000
                       I'd better store up more water to have on hand.....

Supper tonight will be leftover bean soup and salad and garlic bread...
No cooking;))))--- it is quite warm and humid here today....

One more day for BAD--and I am continuing along with my
16-patches squared....I have 5 more set up....this may become big enough
to back my Courthouse steps for our bed....we shall see...

I hope you are all being cautious and staying safe...we are here....

Julierose, La Blageuse (hoping for a deck day-euse)


  1. Your baskets are adorable! Hope you are enjoying your day.

  2. Your Blue Baskets quilt is darling! The final flower fabric is very special.The entire design of the projects is so dainty and antique looking, like a crib quilt for a summer baby---or for your 4th of July table top.



    ugh. I didn't realise the water wasn't a real fix. But at least you have water for now.

  3. Pretty! Your border is just the perfect one, the focus is really on the baskets. I would be happy if you want to join us Sunday for a share ;)

  4. Your border fabric is so sweetly old fashioned. I hope your water issues are soon a thing of the past.

  5. The tea cup fabric makes a pretty background for your baskets. Good choice.

  6. That border fabric is absolutely perfect!! I love the baskets!!

  7. Darn, on the temp fix but at least you have running water for the weekend. Hope you have some bottled water available for drinking and brushing teeth. That fabric is adorable for your border. Stay safe. (Just did a 4 hour in person class on first aid/cpr.... with masks on for everything but the socially distancing cpr.... and then cleaned everything down. Only 3 of us and the trainer in the big room!)

  8. The baskets looks so soft and feminine with that pink fabric. I love the idea of backing one quilt top with another. I know it is harder to quilt through and sometimes hard to center but it makes for a much interesting quilt.

  9. Your baskets are cute. Hoping your water situation gets resolved permanently

  10. I love a day when I don't have to cook--lol! Your baskets are darling--love that backing fabric too!

  11. love your baskets. we are being as safe as we can

  12. Yup, yup, yup! The baskets turned out perfect! That rose floral is the perfect finishing touch!

  13. The blend of the masculine and more feminine fabrics is perfect! Glad your water situation didn't last overly long (but I think I'd be putting some extra water in the bathtub to have just in case!).

  14. Oh the basket flimsy turned out lovely! How big will it finish?

  15. what a sweet toile and very cute strings baskets


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