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Thursday, February 11, 2021


I began working on my
new hexagon hand project 
this morning ...
along with my coffee;)))

[But first, I---
Dusted (on hands and knees to get those
pesky baseboards that hold all those
dust bunnies--ooof!!) 
and swept up my sewing room. ]

I first saw these hexagons on a
Missouri Star Quilt Co. 
youtube video--
And I was just charmed by the fact that
your piece is finished in
a single sewing..

{Also, my blogging friend,
DEB  (click to see)
is making these for part
of her RSC project
this year. Hop on over and
take a look at her take
on these;))) }

The batting is layered inside and
the little folded binding holds
all 3 layers together...

I have prepped 
5 more:
I wanted to finish using the rest
of this French text fabric so that
it was really readable--
and this is the perfect 
setting for it, don't
you think? :)))

Here is the backing I will be using
for all the ones I make
Definitely wishing for
Springtime to come...

Here is my little basket with all the
so I can tote my project around the house

(I mean where else do I 
go these days, S I G H )

💘All ready 💘

I want to thank all of you
who sent me such encouraging
comments and ideas for my
Log Cabin dilemma....

I truly appreciate all of your
super kind comments...

I have a Roast beef 
(bottom round) cooking
in my Slo cooker;
and have peeled my
for dinner tonight.

I will make my gravy 
right in the crock pot, so
it is almost one pan cooking..

I will add steamed string beans 
with almonds
as our side veg.

We had another 3" of snow overnight
but everything seems to be melting
in our weak sunshine...

And so has my day begun....

I hope you are all well
staying safe and

Hugs, Julierose
La Blageuse
(visiting Hexagonia-euse)


  1. Hexies are way above my skill set but I sure love the look of them. Yours are going to look great with the background fabric you selected. Dinner sounds delish! Enjoy your day.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day (and meal) to me! Looking forward to see how your hexie project develops! Have a safe and happy day!

  3. Your hexie is adorable!! I of course love the French fabric.
    What are you making with them?
    Love using my crockpot!! Stay warm!! (and safe!)

  4. Dinner sounds delicious (and likely smells the same way). It Is icy and gray and cold here - single digit temps this weekend which is COLD for west TN. Good time to stay inside and stitch! Your hexie project will be wonderful.

  5. I love your French text fabric - how neat! It will be fun to see it in the hexies. I enjoyed sewing some of those, too. Stay warm!

  6. I've never tried makinghrxies so will be watching your progress with interest

  7. Dinner sounds delicious! I have seen hexagons before with the batting inside, never tried those but seems like a good idea.

  8. That's a different method for making hexies - might be fun to give it a try. I tore my hexie project apart and am currently rethinking the layout. I suspect that re-thinking will involve either buying more fabric (sigh) and making more or maybe scuttle the entire thing and move on. Jury is out having a very long deliberation!

  9. Sweet hexies. Love your fabrics. Your dinner sounds awesome. I ate a late lunch so no dinner for me tonight.

  10. Oh, those are sew sweet! I prepped another 7 today in yellow. We were masked when we dropped off the record book to the fair today. One more week! I got a double yolk today from a green egg =)

  11. I have a basket just like yours.twins! Dinner sounds good.if I leave now i make may it LOL your hexies look cool

  12. Such a fun project! Hexies are so versatile. Your dinner sounds delicious!


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