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Sunday, February 7, 2021


of Night Flight
are done..
There are
six more rows;
3 on either side left 
to quilt...

Here is the snow off of our deck...

So pretty on our cedars...
So far we've gotten about 6"

Early Sunday dinner
was roast chicken with
all the fixin's 
Tom is doing the clean up
for me...

I am starting to feel better
this afternoon...
my cold seems to be going away

Still taking it easy though...

Tonight we will be watching the
(Did you know that
Tom Brady is 18 yrs older
than Patrick Mahones?) 
Should be interesting....

I hope you are all safe and warm
Hugs, Julierose
La Blageuse



  1. On our news they say you have more snow predicted. We're just getting our snow in smaller storms one after another and the snow isn't going anywhere with below 0 temps.

  2. Your geese look great! You're making good progress. I love your snow photos. Wish we had as much snow.

  3. Looks awesome. Wow you guys keep getting the snow. We got about 4 inches the other day. But now it is just frigid and when it is really cold it doesn't seem to snow much.

  4. The snow is so pretty. Hubby was watching the super bowl...must not be a good game he fell asleep 30 minutes right after half time.

  5. The geese look great! The snow-covered deck looks like it would be all soft and fluffy to touch.

  6. We got about the same. Gotta get to work today.ughhhh

  7. Some people have their ducks in a row....you've got your geese in multiple rows. Looks good! Snow here and BITTER cold.

  8. Your geese is fabulous. I love the hand stitching. It's a bit of an Arctic front for us on Pacific Coast and I've had to cover up some spring stuff.

  9. Your snowy trees are lovely. I hope you got out for provisions tho?

    I love the Geese quilt.

    Feel better!


  10. Yes, very pretty snowy trees! Hard to imagine for me, here in NZ we are hot & humid! Loving your geese.

  11. Your quilted geese are so lovely. I would not tire of quilting these colors. Glad you're feeling better.

  12. I love seeing your hand quilting on those soothing colors!

  13. The snow looks lovely. I like the way it settles on the trees and the soft, subdued colors of this season. But I'm glad to be inside a warm house.

  14. I miss the snow. I lived in North Dakota for several years and it was so beautiful. We rarely get snow in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Your flying geese are lovely. What method do you use to make them? Did you know that Patrick Mahomes makes almost twice as much as Tom Brady makes?? Patrick makes about 45M/year and Tom makes about 23M/year. I understand Tom volunteered to take a pay cut to cover other players’ salaries. Who needs that much money anyways??

  15. Oh your snow is so pretty! Love the flying geese and your hand-quilting...I'm sure I've told you that a time or twenty :)

  16. Love your flying geese! When is this snow going to end?? We had more today and more this weekend. Enough is enough!!

  17. Your geese flock is looking great! We haven't (touch wood!) had too much snow here and I'm more than happy about that.

  18. your geese are flying along.
    our deck looks the same -and we got another inch last night.


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