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Saturday, February 13, 2021


I have been collecting all the
"flowery" strings from making
my granddaughters'
(3 of them) quilts 
started this spider web quilt...


{I thought I was straightening
out all my flowered strings 
but instead
this happened;))) }

Pinks, purples yellows, and greens
with pink centers...
"Wild Garden" 
was born
I began pinning it up on my wall
I do love to see these flowery
webs appear like

It is a very "wild" space with flamingoes,
hidden kitties, 
and a few bluebirds
flying by...

I really enjoy this kind of 
semi-scrappy sewing...

For those of you who have asked
My recurrent cold is a bit better
Saturday's supper 
will be:
leftover pot roast, 
potatoes with 
gravy and
a string bean salad...

Stay safe and warm 
during these cold Wintery days
Julierose, La Blageuse
(Stringing along-euse)


  1. That is really pretty! Love the soft colors in this quilt.

  2. Working with scraps always makes such a mess. Your quilt is going to be very pretty!

  3. Oh, that is neat, Julierose! I love that design, too. Are you using a template for those blocks or pieces them on paper?

  4. Yes, working with strings makes MORE mess ! Your spider web will be lovely!

  5. Oh, I absolutely LOVE the solid purple/lavender in your string quilt! And what a great idea for the string scraps from your granddaughters' quilts. One of my favorite things about scrap quilts is finding the hidden "pictures".

  6. This is gorgeous! So fun with those fun little bits hanging out to see. Hope you are feeling better. Dinner sounds yummy. We had leftover chops and I'm making a pot of barley to go with dinner.

  7. great collection of fabrics for this string project.
    happy sewing!

  8. Ah, the proverbial 'use it up' project that seems to create yet more to still have to use up. Sez I, who simply HAD to order more yarn for my mile-a-minute afghan that was totally intended to 'use it up'. After I get the new yarns my stash will be bigger than ever. Sigh.

  9. Just perfectly beautiful Spider Web blocks, and is this quilt going be for yourself? Happy to read you're feeling a little better!

  10. Trying again today to leave a comment - I've already emailed you with how wonderful I think these blocks are!

  11. What fun to play with these large and flowery prints. I’m ready for spring and your pinks encourage the change of seasons.

  12. Scraps are fun to play with and scrappy quilts are always fun to look at. Loving your pretty pinks.

  13. Great use of scraps! I love that pink too! It reminds me of summer. So pretty!

  14. Your blog is so beautiful to visit. You have so many ideas and carry them through. Well done! xoxo


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