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Thursday, February 18, 2021


I got this cool surprise gift from 
Dawn ...
such an adorable little pouch
With a RED zipper..
Hubby grabbed this part of the 
two part gift
You can see he's
putting it to good use
A cute Boston Red Sox
mug rug...

So we are all decked out for
Spring Training
Red Sox games...

We love these...

I have begun a new diamond painting
for those of you who inquired:

This lovely girl....

And here is where I am
A lot of "confetti"
in this one
Very enjoyable--I love
the colors...

I have been plugging along on my
"Wild Garden" 
spiderweb quilt...

[sorry for the dark photo--
it is snowing like
crazy outside
and a dark gray day]
I am planning on keeping going
until most of the strips are used up...
So this may turn into two pieces..
We'll see..๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€

So far we have had 4"+ of snow
more than was predicted,
Tonight I have made a 
Shepherd's Pie 
for our dinner...
I used frozen corn
for the veggie in this one..
and i added a bit of tomato paste
to the meat and onion mix...
I often change this one up.
Stay safe and warm...
Hugs, Julierose
La Blageuse


  1. Those gifts from Dawn are so sweet. We are also ready for baseball season. Love the colors in your Wild Garden spiderweb quilt...it's going to be a beauty.

  2. You are so welcome. Glad you like your spring gifts. I know you are sox fans. Love your string project

  3. Lucky you to get such fun gifts (only I'd like Blue Jays if it were me...lol). And Shephard's Pie sounds SO yummy!!!! Stay safe and warm!

  4. So nice to get gift in the mail box. You've got much snow. We've had a cold winter, but now the snow is disappearing, hopefully. We seldom have winter more than a couple of days, but this year we've had a couple of months.

  5. The pouch and mug rug are perfect for you two! Baseball (and Spring!) is coming! I love the look of your spider web quilt - I'm putting one of those on my list.

  6. We have about the same amount of snow today. Chicken pot pie is on tonight's menu. Your diamond picture and quilt are really pretty. Met's fans here. Oh the sorrow.....

  7. We have about 10-12" here and not melting because temps are in the teens to 20s. We are ready to see what our Tigers can do this year- the pitchers have reported to camp!

  8. Great gifts! Your diamond picture is going to be so pretty. Em got one for Christmas... I'll have to remind her she has it and see how it comes out.

  9. Enjoy the game and keep warm with your delicious
    Shepherd's Pie. You're making good progress with Wild Garden

  10. You two are all set for baseball! I love your spider quilt. It's coming along very nicely. Love the new diamond picture. So pretty! It's still snowing up here. Is it ever going to stop??

  11. What a cute gift. We are big Red Sox fans but have been out of touch in the past couple years. Your sheperd's pie sounds yum.


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