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Friday, September 3, 2021

GARDEN?? et al

This Caladmium (?sp)
came out after our 6"+
of rain the other day...
I love love love
those colors...

It appears that perhaps
more leaves will be
coming out.
Y E S !!

I don't know if they should be taken in
over the winter months--
they are in a clay pot right now...
It took all summer for them to bloom--
or leaf out...;))

and I took some cuttings
from my old Hoya plant
early in the summer--
and they have really taken pretty
well outdoors on my shaded
front stoop...
they will definitely come in for 
It seems that I have taken a big step
backwards on my PT !!
this weekend 
I am on
Rest and a few stretches only..
You know, pain is no fun!!
D U H !

At least the Dutch Grand Prix 
will be broadcast on "F1"
channel tomorrow and Sunday; 
so that gives me something
to watch and look forward to...

 I am hoping against hope
that PT will solve this
sciatica problem...
Hugs, julierose
La blageuse


  1. Beautiful Caladium, the colours are luscious but sorry to hear of the amount of rain you've had. We hav e been watching on the TV news of the horrific weather and damage in New York, New Jersey and the East Coast it is just unbelievable - then some folks say that there is no such thing as climate change!!

  2. So sorry you took a step
    I backwards. It's frustrating. Your Caladiums are so pretty. Fingers crossed it gets better

  3. Beautiful plants! I guess that rain was good for something!
    I had sciatic problems and someone told me to take Vitamin B6. I had never heard of that but I tried it and it did help.

  4. Caladiums grow from tubors like Cannas and need to be brought inside (or dug up) around the time of the first frost. I think they can be house plants too.

  5. lovely caladiums.

    I am sorry you're still in so much pain. " Can physical therapy make sciatica worse?
    Any exercise that makes your sciatica worse or causes new pain won't provide any benefit and may cause further injury by aggravating nerves and muscles''

  6. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear the sciatica is acting up again. Lots of rest for you this weekend. Love the colors of those flowers.

  7. I'm so sorry that you're in more pain. Do take care of you (I guess there's not much else you CAN do....literally).
    Seeing your hoya reminded me of my aunt. She was a hairdresser and had an absolutely massive hoya plant in the front window of her shop. That thing was big enough to eat dogs and small children! I was always fascinated by it and have tried several times to grow one but never had any luck.

  8. I’m sorry you’re in such pain. It’s tricky getting PT going. Need to work vs increased pain. Good luck.
    My mother had loads of caladiums in her yard. Every year she bought new ones.

  9. I hope resting for a couple of days will make a difference. No one wants to be in constant pain.

  10. Bad luck on your sciatica not reacting well to the PT. I hope that you can get the pain down to a dull roar or better in the very near future. Sending all good wishes for that to happen. x

  11. I'm so sorry that you are still in pain and hope that it soon improves. Your caladium is stunning.


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