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Sunday, December 5, 2021



I am covered with my 
Christmas postage stamp quilt

Icing my ankle and lower leg...

I had such fun making this postage
stamp quilt
and I was surprised to see
I made it way back
in 2 0 1 4!!!
(Labels are so important!!)

All reds, greens--
even pink tones and
off whites and pure

Bordered with this 
vintage-y print and
the back featuring my
favorite kind of Santas

I have two width-long
strips of them across the mottled
greenery of the background...
a lovely deep, dark roses print
on the sides...

This very first wall quilt I made
is now up on my dining room wall
to welcome the season

This pattern is from
an old issue of American
Quilter magazine that I
used to subscribe to...

We've pared down our decorations
to 2 small tabletop pre-lit
trees--I am still collecting
really small--mini--ornaments
for them...

I have closed my sewing room
until I can manage sewing
layering, etc better...

All of my mailings and gifts
have been finished...so
I decided it is 
time to seriously 
rest up
this old body
 and get myself
back into some semblance
of shape...

Yesterday I was able to
ride my recumbent bike for
5 minutes....
that is progress in my book;)))

It is sunny and chilly here 
and most of our leaves have
fallen, just a few high oak 
leaves are hanging on...
they are the most luscious
deep, dark maroon-ey
color--I would love
fabric like that!! 💖

Tonight's dinner  
will be :
 leftover beef stew
that DH and I put together 
two days ago...
garlic bread on the side..

Hope you are enjoying decorating
for your own holiday season..

Hugs, Julierose, 
La blageuse 

P.S.  we may get snow
this coming week...


  1. Love your scrappy Christmas quilt - good for you for sitting down and taking care of yourself (and HOORAY for progress). We are decorated, gifts in house waiting to be "bagged" for giving, and the cards are next on the list. And we, too, are taking time to sit down and savor the season.

  2. Good for you for labeling your quilt. I'm bad about that and have to look up quilts on my blog to see when I made them. Some of my really old ones I have memories associated with so I remember when I made them.
    My neighbor's oak tree still has its leaves too and they are a brilliant rust color this morning with our drizzling rain.
    Your recumbent bike is probably the least strain for you to keep those muscles active.

  3. Such a pretty postage stamp quilt keeping you warm and cozy. I bet each patch of fabric brings back fond memories. You are on the stick on getting your packages mailed; now you can enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas, Julie Rose.

  4. Lovely quilts, the postage stamp one looks so cozy. It is Too Cold to be icing one's injuries, just the idea makes me shiver. You have had a long road of recovery, hope the coming year finds us both---all!---in better heath.



  5. Don't you be saying 4 letter words like snow.lol. still plugging along here. Lots to mail and do still. On my list is a quilt for me.....rest up girl. Dinner sounds yummy

  6. You're very smart to close the sewing room for a bit and take care of yourself. I love the wall hanging...super cute with the candles inside the log cabin.

  7. We got a big snowfall on Saturday, some freezing rain yesterday and then last night it turned to rain and now the snow is gone again. Having to sit and ice your leg is made a little better with a comfie quilt that has lots of interesting things to see and reminisce about.

  8. Good for you making the wise decision to rest and if you must do that then what could be better than being wrapped in a quilt made by yourself. Your dinner sounds very tasty indeed, hope you enjoyed!

  9. I'm glad you're resting. It's the best thing you can do. I love seeing your Christmas decorations. So pretty! Dinner sounds so good! Rest and feel better!!

  10. You are very small to take of yourself. Love your quilts.


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