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Wednesday, December 1, 2021


My daughter Candice's
banner is finished.
I was able to use
the rest of the border fabric
for the binding--and just have
about 3" left!!
Whoa--that was close --

I like this backing fabric a lot...
[click to see it better]
I still have a good chunk
of it leftover to use
for at least a part
of my own banner...

Tom will mail this out to
her tomorrow so that she
can use it for the Holiday...

a bit of decorating...
I pulled out 
My Dancing Santas 
Courthouse Steps table topper
to go beneath my 
mini, light pinky
on my living room 
cocktail table.

then my favorite
Christmas crumb strippy 
"The Christmas Puppies"

Folded here over my 
Grand-mere's old
caned rocker...
in the living room...

[I checked in my Christmas bin and
I have two (approx) fat 1/4's 
of that puppy fabric left...]

Tom took out our two mini tabletopper
trees, but we haven't set them up
as yet--as I need more tiny
ornaments and am awaiting
my order from Amazon...
Unfortunately (and stupidly!!) πŸ‘΅
I did a little too much today and
my ankle and leg began spasming
once more...so had to take my
meds for that and am, as a result
on TOTAL REST again for
a couple days !! πŸ‘Ύ
I just don't know how much to do
as often I feel pretty good..
S  I  G  H  

I will be watching some of my favorite
Youtubers this afternoon:
"Pat Sloan"
"Stitching with Lora" 
and "Kathy Schmitz" (sp?)

Hugs, Julierose, 
La Blageuse



  1. Oh your banner turned out lovely. Feel better.

  2. Oh dear, overdoing things can really cause problems. But sometimes you really just want to get on with things. Rest up, take care,and hopefully things will ease for you very soon.

  3. Sorry to hear you overdid it and are now back to resting up! Enjoy the you-tubing as you recover.

  4. These projects came out so great! I really love them and think they'll be a great addition for holiday decorating. I hope you feel better soon. You must be so fed up with your back! Enough already!!

  5. You won that game of 'Fabric Chicken'! I think your daughter will love the banner.

  6. Only one more to go and you get to keep it! I love your dancing Santas table topper. I really should get my Christmas quilt out...it's in a box on the top shelf of the closet.

  7. That second Joy banner turned out nicely, Julierose. I’m making good progress on my Christmas quilt, so may be able to begin sewing my Joy banner up this weekend. We even decorated the house today (translation: used about 1/5 of what we have because we just don’t do it up like we used to). Get some rest and feel better soon!

  8. Nice finish! I love your Dancing Santas quilt and that you chose Courthouse Steps for it.
    So sorry you've had a setback. I hope rest will help so you can soon be back to doing what you love.

  9. Be careful girl. That joy came out beautiful. My sewing is at a halt but I need to find time again. Too much to do.

  10. Take it easy. . who ever thought decorating/quilting could cause pain?
    Enjoy your afternoon.

  11. Oh man! I hope you bounce back quickly...you were doing so well. Love the JOY banner, this version is very 'fancy' and I'm sure your daughter will love it. I still need to get my Christmas quilts out of storage!

  12. I'm sorry you overdid it and are paying the cost, but hope you will recover fast. That banner is beautiful!

  13. Hi Julierose, I know what you mean, when you feel fine, you want to get all the things done while you can. My mom lived her latter years like that.
    Of course I love those Courthouse Steps Santas especially. What pretty projects to give them their showing now. And what a pretty poinsettia. Enjoy the viewing while resting!

  14. Your daughter's banner is lovely. Such a pretty pattern on the front and yes, the backing fabric is fabulous. Your home is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Julierose. The table runner under that exquisite poinsettia is lovely; such a lovely pink the poinsettia is. I am a wee bit envious of your Grand-mere's rocking chair...it is gorgeous! And....of course your Christmas crumb strippy
    quilt looks lovely resting on it. Take care of that ankle and leg of yours. It sounds as if you have your "complete rest" sorted out, though.

  15. Congratulations on another finish!! Your poinsettia looks right at home on the Dancing Santas, it's a beautiful shade of pink. Oh dear - so easy when we
    re feeling a little more comfortable to overdo things, we pay for it later! Hope after resting a couple of days you are mobile again.


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