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Monday, November 29, 2021


My DIL Lin's
Banner is all packaged
up and ready to mail out tomorrow.
I finished the binding and
the label this morning....

Her birthday was actually the
22nd, but I just couldn't 
get it finished in time...

Here is the back view
A really vintage scene
and her is the label--
just a simple 
inked message
set with a hot iron:
I hope she likes it...

I am so happy to get this one 
in the mail...

Next will be my daughter's 
JOY banner...
she is getting her new
Farmhouse style dining table
today and
it is a gray weathered wood..

I hope this will compliment
her decor for Christmas.
I need to layer it up,
pin and quilt it, and make
its binding.

Hoping to begin this week..
[If my sciatica doesn't 
rear up again...👾]

On that sciatica front--
it does seem to
be getting better
fingers crossed!!
And, also
the ankle/lower leg
is responding to 
icing and epsom
salts soaks..

I hope you are getting in the 
mood for the 
upcoming holiday season...
We are still figuring out
who will be where and who
will come here and when
etc etc
The usual pre-holiday 

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. So glad you are back to quilting. It's so satisfying to make things for others this time of year. The Joy banner turned out really great.

  2. Yay!! One down and two to go! You will get them all done by Christmas.

  3. Your Joy banner is lively, Julierose! Congratulations on your finish. I bet your DIL will love it!

  4. Pre holiday hullabaloo - isn't that the truth!! So much to do for just one day.
    I think your DIL will love her joy banner.

  5. So glad the sciatica is starting to feel a little better. I love these two table runners. I think the second one will look great with your daughter's new table.

  6. Congratulations on the finish of JOY! Looks lovely and your DIL will be thrilled with it!!
    I'm happy to read that your sciatica and leg problems seem to be improving, these things take such a time don't they.

  7. Beautiful finished "Joy"!

    We all know the crazy figuring-out of where, when, who, what, how,... of the holiday period. Good luck with getting it all resolved without too much hassle.

  8. It turned out very cute. I like those kind of little square mosaics. Fun to make and very effective when finished. Nice job.

  9. Lin's JOY banner turned out so pretty.

  10. That turned out lovely. Good job finishing it.

  11. VERY happy to hear things health-wise are improving. And your JOY pieces are absolutely wonderful!

  12. Very pretty wall hanging or table runner!! I’m glad your starting to feel better. Hugs,


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