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Sunday, November 21, 2021



JOY #3 is on the right;
with all borders on--this
one will be for my daughter,

How different No.2 (left)
looks from No. 3... (right)..

I find it so fascinating how
you can skew the "look"
from Vintage/Whimsical
to Elegant/classy...

Here is a better look at the top
Since this was a horizontal
one-way  printed fabric,
 I decided to
fussy cut this
 top border to
include the house.

This bottom one 
to include  the Snowman and
decorated lamp posts
and decorated doorway..

[Again click to enlarge].

Now I have to layer them up 
and decide how to quilt them...
I have the backing fabric chosen...

I would love to hand quilt them..
I wonder if there is time
before Christmas???

This morning we watched
Formula One (F1) Qatar Race.....
and Tom went out
and got doughnuts for us.
A VERY special only sometime
treat in this house...

Tonight will be cheeseburgers
with fried onions on toast,
with french fries...
definitely not a diet day:))) :D

I hope your Sunday is a super one..

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. You probably have time to hand quilt the 2 for your kids before Christmas. Maybe yours should be the straggler at the end.

  2. There are so many ideas. Black letters on multi background......dresdan o, blue and silver, I may need to make each option. On lol

  3. Wow that turned out lovely too. Depending on how much you hand sew you could probably hand quilt them before Christmas.

  4. Love your JOY quilts! You're making great progress especially for not feeling well. Your food sounds delicious. I'm making egg rolls in the air fryer tonight!

  5. Here I am trying to convince my husband that I should cook a WW beaf and broccoli recipe for dinner and you mention cheeseburgers. Hubby doesn't like broccoli so I told him he could eat the meat and rice with salad. Now I want a cheeseburger. LOL! I love how different the 2 JOYs look. I like how you fussy cut the borders.

  6. I love that beautiful border fabric you're using...so pretty, and very classic. I can't remember when I last had a doughnut but I think it's more than ten years.

  7. I really like these and agree completely about how fun it is to tweak the "feel" by the fabrics you choose. Quilting? I would perhaps gift the unfinished pieces with the promise to hand quilt in time for use in 2022.

  8. So pleased you have two of these lovely little pieced
    tops finished. Perhaps you're pushing it a little Julierose to try and hand quilt them before Christmas, Julie has a good idea!

  9. Both JOY pieces look great, Julierose. The one for your daughter is so elegant!

  10. what a nice set of JOY banners.
    Amazing how different they are depending on the fabrics.


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