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Monday, September 19, 2011

Are My Flowers Dying On The Vine???

Mary from Molly Flanders kindly commented on my Grandmother's flower Garden quilt-in-"trouble".  She is my first commentator--how exciting is this!!  Merci.....and, I think,  mercy is what this quilt needs, I guess.  I always seem to go about my works the hard way. 

In every row that I add, it seems that I have to add one more rosette--(is that visible?)--first row had four, in order to fit, the next has five and shifts over by one----and so on aaargh----; it's like a garden growing weedier by the minute! 

At any rate, I am persevering--and who knows what huuu-mun-gous "Garden" will appear.

I think I will pin it up on my design board and try some options.....

Am thinking that perhaps I could border it with all those little hexies I've prepared and not just more rosettes?  Any thoughts???? [ Can you hear my brain whirring away--it did at 2 am this morning...] Maybe it's the moon....

A Bientot
Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. I had to smile about your garden growing weedier each day. I was making a tumbling block quilt several years ago that had the same problem.

  2. Did you read about my hexagon problem in my post? I could not add 7 hexagons that I had sewed together because I would have had a gap. I am just putting hexagons flowers together with no path between them. None of my quilting friends understood what the problem was until I showed them! I am now adding one at a time to the large piece. I have no idea how this happened. I never thought it was a possibility. Is that the same problem you're encountering?


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