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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello (and all that jazz)

Let me introduce my "quilts-in-progress":  First, my "Wonky crosses, cats and crows" which is all pin basted and ready for quilting on my just-purchased Viking 835;

 second, my hand-pieced "Grandmother's Flower Garden Hexagon" which is still languishing near my tv seat waiting for me to figure out just how to put all those flowers together--I have this jagged edged piece about 1/3rd sewn--any ideas out there?

 and, third, my Gwen Marston liberated basket which I am machine piecing and just having so much fun with. 
As a new blogger, I am still working out how to put pictures onsite.   Will try to do so on my next post.   

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  1. Hi Julierose. I'm Clare and I was sent to your blog by a friend of mine, Lazy Gal Tonya. We are both Gwen Marston fans. I also own and run the Liberated Quilters Yahoo! group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Lib-Quilters.

    I love your wonky crosses.



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