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Saturday, September 17, 2011

WIPS For today--Warning!! Picture heavy post)

Here are a few pix of "Wonky Crosses, Cats and Crows"

This is one of the blocks:

Here's most of the quilt front (sorry for the blurry picture--took them at 2 am--must be the moon--couldn't sleep!!)

Liberated Baskets:  for background I used my Toile--which I haven't been able to allow myself to cut until now!! ( Just luv that toile!!)

And finally:  here is that Grandmother's Flower Garden mish-mash:  I really enjoyed hand-piecing those hexagons, but getting it to fit in together is still bugging me.

I used white-on-white for the "paths" and scraps from other quilts I've made for hexies--all while watching The Red Sox get ahead --oops--and then lose again....c'est la vie.....

I used the English Paper Piecing method--with freezer paper--so far have cut and used and re-used about 500 templates!!  (My husband thinks I've lost my mind!!).

Au revoir--La Blageuse  Julierose

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  1. I think your Grandmothers Flower Garden looks fabulous!!! Not mish mash at all! I haven't put my flowers together yet, but they do tend to buckle a little. I press mine and use a bit of Best Press. They always flatten nicely then. Hope that helps ;)


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