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Friday, August 23, 2013

Old Fashioned Christmas Part One (RSC13)

Here is my paper pieced block for the RSC13 Red this week--I will make four of these and put the wider edges together and ....voila a Christmas Star will emerge--I hope (LOL); I have been wanting to make a quilt for us for the hoidays...this will be the start.....
I called it "Old Fashioned" as those fabrics go a-ways back to when I first began to quilt.....

MEANWHILE......On the new granddaughter front" 

STILL W A I T I N G .....we think she will have a mind of her own ...Lindsay says that's what she's afraid of...LOL  

I did figure out the Bloglovin thang...I think!!  

Have a super weekend  Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse Grand'mere-in-waiting


  1. I look forward to seeing your star come together Julierose, I always enjoy using those 'memory' fabrics! Your patience will be rewarded, Grand'mere -in-waiting :-)

  2. Looking forward to seeing your star come together. A new baby! Such an exciting time!

  3. Wait a min. I recognize a bunch of those fabrics... I consider them newer. I have some scraps from my Grandmere. (I threw in some high school French there.) After I was married she brought me a box of fabrics. I didn't appreciate them then, but now they are revered. Included in the box, some scraps from my favorite dresses.

  4. Your Christmas Star is going to be gorgeous! I love the scrappiness of it!!!

  5. Your block looks great and it will become a beautiful star.
    I recognize several of those fabrics too.

  6. Those are going to make neat Christmas Stars! Looking forward to seeing them.

  7. Memory fabrics always make the quilt more fun to snuggle under. Visiting the ghosts of quilts past is such a fun way to spend a chilly winter evening.

  8. I have some of that same fabric! Oldies but goodies! Your the new grandbaby gets here soon!! Want to see that Christmas star!

  9. Great way to use up the old fabrics, make it scrappy.

  10. Nice, some very pretty fabrics in your block.

  11. love this as a start for a Christmas quilt.

  12. Beautiful block. It will make a lovely little quilt. Those girls have a mind of their own sometimes..... I hope your gd isn't like my daughter. At 18 months she was dressing herself and Mommy was not allowed to help! I hear a lot of "I'll do it myself!'.


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