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Saturday, October 4, 2014


Here is the start of my Lozenge Quilt piece; I am using all Asian themed prints (of which I have way too many from long ago) and little black corners alternating with my tea-dyed white-on-white fabrics--I LOVE tea dying these--(tho' sometimes it's coffee with cinnamon sticks, too yummy.) [oh and please excuse that ugly lamp cord hanging in there--it's so dark out today--stormy and raining].
Inside that mauve plastic container are all of the 2.5" squares that I have collected for doing a postage stamp quilt....anxious to start on that, too--BUT--waiting until Georgie P. is done.

Here's my lovely geisha holding court ...I like her with black corners--we'll see how my tea colored ones look as I go along. As you can tell, my lozenge quilt will be horizontal instead of vertical--sigh.....I was able to use my GO!Baby cutter to precut all these pieces--YAY--no rotary cutting!  

and here, some gold edged Ginko leaves blowing in the breeze.....

I will be alternating between this pattern and finishing up Georgie Peorgie's borders.   Just so easily distracted am I?  Wellll, I HAD to see how these lozenges would look.  
Actually have 8 more sets of two started--these babies are time consuming but fun.  

I am so elated that we are finally getting a rainy day--my poor mums --a lovely, dark maroon color that I just love given to me by a friend last year--are drying up and not blooming very well.  I hope this cooling soft drink will revive them--- along with the last of my maroon and cheddar marigolds (now there's a good combo for a quilt!). 

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday and finding some time for a little sewing. 

Hugs to you all (don't forget my 2 giveaways on the last two posts before this) 
Julierose, La Blageuse...


  1. We are having a rainy day here as well. I haven't been bit by the Lozenge quilt bug yet...yours are looking good.

  2. I bet there are a lot of us with a collection of those Japanese fabrics - I know I have a heck of lot and never used them! I do like your Geisha lady and the Gingko leaf is a lovely shape (I have some in blue) Hope your thumb holds out with this.

  3. Today was a good day to sleep! Love your Asian fabrics. I collected them for awhile. I still have many scraps left! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Ooh I think this is a lovely way to show off those beautiful fabrics... I can't wait to see more of them!

  5. love them so far. I like the fact that you are going horizontal as well. puts a different spin on it. hmmmmm
    I will continue to cut mine and then try and mark some to use as leaders and enders while sewing up my relaxing robin. I have plenty of hand applique to do on those dresdans!

  6. I found a little prep work (pre-pairing) made chain piecing my lozenges much more fun. I worked with sets of 8, opposing corners then pres , repeat and 8 blocks done.

  7. Glad you are getting some needed rain. Your lozenge looks great with the Asian fabric :-)


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