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Saturday, October 18, 2014

SATURDAY MEMORIES & Updates on projects

Georgie came for a visit this morning; Next decision: what color border--or no border....(at least he's stopped that annoying muttering!).

Here are the 1st two blocks of Sleigh Bells Ring postage stamp up on my design wall:

The little white repeating blocks are snow drifts.....


Here are the 1st two blocks of my Greylock Mts. piece.  When we were first married we lived in the Berkshires in Massachusetts at the foot of Greylock Mountain--- whose colors changed by the hour. 
 I thought that BH's Scrappy Mts. Majesty pattern would be a good vehicle for a memory quilt of when we lived in the mountains and when I had my first baby, a girl whom we named Candice.

 Something about this block just rang a recall bell in my head--and all those days came flooding back--
And so I have to make this one, too......  

I have never worked with long diagonals before and I find that they require a very delicate hand and slow sewing. .

I had two layer cakes in my stash-- one all grey dotted and spotted fabrics and the other flowers--(we often had huge thunderstorms and blackened skies--what wonderful storms--I used to find myself--- humming "Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky, Stormy Weather..." as I was pushing Candice in her pram up North Street for her afternoon nap. She was safe and toasty deep in her big pram watching her little mobiles bounce along as I donned my rain slicker and floppy rain hat.  What wonderful days those were.  Ah, youth.....Happy Days...) 

I will leave you as we are going up to Candice's this evening to attend my Grandson Steven's (her first born) Jazz Band Concert in which he has TWO solos.  And so more memories are made....

Hugs to all--enjoy your weekends--happy sewing  Julierose, La blageuse


  1. First off I love they Georgie is looking!!!
    Your Scrappy Mountain Majesties block is looking good, so pleased to see that you began working on this especially when it is bringing back all of those lovely memories. Hope you had a lovely evening at the Concert.

  2. My humble opinion....George does not need a border. He can be happy without one.

  3. Nice that Georgie quit muttering.:) lol Love how the quilt is shaping up! Lovely colors.

  4. Georgie is wonderful--I think he may be done! I'm loving your postage stamp blocks--I've been thinking about starting some myself, but trying to resist until I finish a couple of other on-going projects.

  5. Georgie is looking quite pleased. Love your misty mountains in the dark rain. You've got a lot going.

  6. george looks great - I agree, no border is necessary.

  7. Georgie looks done to me. and love your postage stamp and mountain block too. I may have to do some myself. looking good girl! you have been busy!

  8. oh I just love this, wish I would have bought some of this fabric I would whip up this quilt too! beautiful, NO border!!!!
    yes working with the longer strips like you have to be careful cutting them….
    it looks great though


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