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Saturday, October 25, 2014


                                            "HONEY, HONEY,OOOOH, SUGA SUGA"...

 Grabbing some rays and resting up....For all who sent good wishes and inquired: We're doing well...DH wobbly , but short walks and some nourishing foods will take care of that.  

Tonight an old favorite: ground sirloin browned up nicely and then in-the-pan gravy over noodles was the request.  I will add a petite salad to my meal.  Still soft foods for DH.

Here are my stunning- stil-l blooming "Red Durango" marigolds that I just LOVE: right in front of us ...
My tarragon has faded (in the pot from my friend MAB) . And  few gathered shells from our last beach walk.  Soon, I hope, we will be going there again to stroll.  

Don't you just love the colors in these marigolds--one of my favorite annuals--I am dead heading and saving seed pods for next year to make a border around our seating area.  

My ferns that border our walk are turning from the last hard frost...Winter is surely on its way here.  We are taking advantage of this wonderful weather to sit and relax out here.  

Perhaps a few late butterflies will wander by on their way to South America....

Here's a wider view of our little spot in the sun...by our front doorway...

My  azalea transplants have really come on despite the lack of any significant rainfall this Summer.  I have 9 of them bordering this little area along with some blue rug junipers....(you can see those in the last picture).

I have no sewing progress, but that's okay.. just a big [sigh of] relief......maybe while my sweetie naps I can do a bit more on my postage stamp...I hope you are having as nice a day as we are here on the shoreline of SE CT....hugs and many thanks for all of your kind wishes and prayers 

 Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Hi Julierose! Glad to see hubby soaking up rays and enjoying the great outdoors. Love the vibrant color of your marigolds and how they add cheerful color to your patio. Hope you are well. Thank you for stopping by today.

  2. Lovely to see your husband enjoying the Autumn sunshine and taking it easy.
    Super photo with the Autumn leaves blown into a heap near your door.

  3. enjoy the sunshine. we have some here too. now you got me singing......honey honey..... and you got me watchin you...... LOL
    funny that is my hubs "comfort meal" also

  4. This has been such a great autumn! My marigolds aren't looking as nice as yours, but my geraniums are beautiful. Usually they are far gone by now! I'm so glad hubby is getting better--take care, both of you!

  5. great news - hasn't it been lovely here in CT?

  6. Your pictures are so pretty! You have such pretty grounds. Looks so inviting. Glad to see your husband out and enjoying the warm sun.


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