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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I changed the large squares so that Mr. George could stop and smell the roses lol!  
I am trying out different large blocks to surround His Excellency!

 I'd like to fancy that his wife must have had a rose garden and that he took the time to stop and enjoy the attar of roses.....

I think I like these as well as the black with red roses blocks; I will use both in my quilt but I somehow think that this will be the center of it....
I need to cut out more large blocks and {sigh} more nine patch squares.....

Here's a closer look at those prints.....

I have made up a little list of "Things I'd Like To Make" over these next many months....

1) Georgie Peorgie ;

2) Lozenges;

3) Kitty Kats; (I haven't as yet decided on fabrics for these....)

4) Some kind of Log Cabin As-You-Go...to learn the process; and

5) Are you ready for this one?? A Christmas themed Postage Stamp Quilt--using up all those mini charm packs I have collected. I will be using 2.5" squares--

Now this ought to keep me busy and yet not bored....and hopefully won't freeze me up....am I being too ambitious?  Perhaps......

AND...I haven't forgotten this one up on my design wall either:

I have to decide if I should use sashing or not, this is the one I have to leave up and try to figure out what I want/need to do to it....I want to use it as a wall hanging over our wine cabinet in our re-done dining room.  I think the colors will be right in there....we'll see.  

Hugs to all, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. I lean towards your current fabrics you have on the design wall. I have a bit of the George fabric or did. I used a bit in a wall hanging.

  2. looking good girlfriend. dont do too much too soon. you need to stay healthy for the long run! Georgie Peorgie looks happy in the roses.
    I know what you mean about cutting more little squares. I have my relaxing robin to do that for as well. played with lozenges last night. fun!

  3. Georgie Porgie is looking great! I think I remember seeing some roses when I visited his house a few years ago. Sounds like some great projects. I have a pile of fabrics in the corner that I have pulled for a log cabin. Not sure which method I will use yet to make it. I can't believe I have never made a log cabin so I thought it was about time.

  4. I love the way Georgie is coming along! It looks like you have lots of choices as to what you can work on--more fun, right? The purples in your crazy patch blocks will look great over the wine cabinet!


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