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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Remember how I told you I LOVED  fun with Barb's "King George" quilt?  Well, I found some George fabric and am going to try to make a smaller (a lot smaller!! )
 version for a lap quilt.  I am titling mine: "Georgie Peorgie" 
 Here is the start up on my design wall.  I have been putting 9-patches together and cutting a bit at a time. It may not end up just like this, but I wanted to get an idea of how my fabric choices would play together...

I seriously love this fabric grouping with the pieces of flags and edges of cherries ("Did you Chop Down that Cherry Tree?" lol

And I wish I had bought MORE of this lovely...yum!!

This will be my big work in progress for a while. 

Here is the next block laid out....

AND--finally, our floors are D O N E ...furniture back in and dishes back in buffet.  
PHEW--not a ride I want to take again!!  But I love the results...
Here's a snippet of the floor, old oriental from DH's Mom and my Mom's China closet....
love, love, love!!

And here is my latest quilt library addition...want to make a log cabin using this method--perhaps bash that pink stash...this is a wonderful book...really enjoying Jera's methods...
great explanations and fun quilts....
Health update: aaargh--will not bore you with anything more after today, suffice it to say that my back is so-so--still icing
my thumb is a toughie to heal--so it'll be a while, 
and my poor lil finger cut is healing....
RX: short times at machine and standing to cut...more fabric washing--next batch will be black and whites....and so 

I leave you with

Fall by the shore...captured on the way to see Mom...

Hugs to you all and many thanks for your patient commiserations....
Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. I love the name Georgie Peorgie! I can't wait to get the blocks in the mail!

  2. Love your shot of the ?heron. Love the fabrics in both your 9n patch blocks, so unusual. Health update from you - pleased to hear finger slowly healing, sorry thumb taking its' time and also your back - my back has gone down in sympathy with yours - I can barely walk!!

  3. Oh no, Maureen--it's just so difficult when you're interrupted in your work! I have much empathy for you with your back--not fun! It is a white heron--and the reeds turn that lovely shade of reddish/gold every Autumn--would love to find a fabric that had those colors moving one into the other. I took some shots of our trees out front this evening that will be the inspiration for my Christmas quilt. I am hoping that my back will allow me to do some cutting. Hugs and best wishes for speedy recovery Julierose

  4. You are talented too, Julierose! Cherries and flag fabric with George...............it doesn't get anymore creative than that! Love the name too!

  5. Georgie Peorgie is looking good so far. hoping your healing speeds up so that you can enjoy your craft. cant wait to see some lozenges. I want to work on mine and see how different everyones is. a friend of mine without a blog is doing one too.

  6. great name I would love to make a little quilt with george! where oh where did you find that fabric!!!! I also love Barb's quilt. can't wait to see more of yours and sure hope your feeling better soon

    1. Hey Kathie, I will try to hunt down the site online that I found Mr. George! Hugs, Julierose

  7. Love the Georgie Porgie. Sorry about your back. I'm in the same boat - an intense bout of sciatica. On meds I can do, but when I do I hurt worse the next day. Cutting is the worst, I've reverted to templates and cutting with the scissors. It works, but takes 4 X the time. We do what we gotta do.

    1. Oh Terri, so sorry to hear of your woes. I totally empathize. Funny how rotary cutting bothers my back too; I think when you do it you lean forward and that really irritates my back. Whereas, with scissors you can keep your arms close into your body...hope you feel better soon...thanks, hugs, Julierose

  8. georgie porgie is a great name and it looks like it's coming along!
    pretty heron shot!


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