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Friday, September 5, 2014


Well, sweet readers, since I cannot hand sew--I am marking all these 2" squares in preparation for making Bonnie Hunter's Leader-Ender Lozenges project.  I ordered the Accuquilt largest rectangle die for my GO!BABY as rotary cutting is difficult these days...and so, while I am "Marking Time"
I am marking all those little diagonal lines....

I had precut, with my 2" die these scraps into squares--and here I am actually going to use them!

So far, I have this stack done.; since each lozenge uses four--I have quite a few more to die cut and mark.  I haven't as yet decided if this will be totally scrappy rectangles or semi controlled eg: civil war fabrics, novelties, flowers...we'll see what strikes my fancy....

And that's where I am today:  after my haircut, errands and prepping for dinner I'll be marking, marking and ......marking more...Hugs, oh and my hand is feeling better; thank you for all your good wishes
Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. oh I cant wait to see the lozenge quilt. I was thinking of making one myself.
    how fun would that be! hmmmmm....... I better get busy LOL

    1. I know, isn't it crazee--there are just TOO many neat patterns out there in blogland. But I figure that I had all these pre-cut so--why not ;-ooo
      hugs, Julierose

  2. Marking Time! You are making head way. Are you making Snowballs?

    1. No (altho a snowball is on my ever-growing list lol)--prepping for BH's Lozenge quilt --new leader-ender for me. And...hoping to getto my new 9-patch quilt...hugs and thanks for your comment Julierose

  3. So glad your hand is getting better! I am doing the lozenges too and it's amazing how many of the small squares we need!

    1. I know--don't even go there--I have cut out a few hundred and am stopping there--don't know how large I will go. Am awaiting my Civil War mailing to cut lozenges...can't wait!! Hugs and thanks...julierose


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