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Monday, July 20, 2015


                                    .....AND THEN YE OLD BACK WENT OUT!!

 SO, the backing is sewn together--all Christmas-ey
 and the top is rolled and waiting to be laid out tomorrow--

AND then it's.......................

                                                            PIN PIN PIN 

Here is a little teaser of the reverse side of that center panel: LOL

                                           IT IS SOOOO  DARN CUTE!!  

Even though my dining table isn't really wide enough, it is pretty long and the best spot
                                            [that is NOT on the FLOOR] ;--)))
 for me to layer my quilts.  I use Elizabeth Hartman's method of rolling the top and the batting together ....it works for me....

And so now I am off to ice my back and to do today's crossword puzzle....

Julierose, La Blageuse (layer-euse)


  1. Oh no, never good when the back acts up. Take it easy. That snowman is really cute!

  2. This will be beautiful. And you have the time until Christmas. Good luck!

  3. Lovely quilt. Take it easy and I hope your back feels much better soon.

  4. that backing is so so adorable! sorry about your back hon. wish I were closer I would help with icing it etc. take it easy and go slow. slow and steady wins the race. it is going to be a beautiful quilt

  5. Et voilà....nous avons toutes un tissu qui n'attend que d'être utilisé !!
    Bon mots croisés Julie !!

  6. Hope your back recovers quickly so you can get to pinning and then to quilting.

  7. Pinning a quilt top can be so hard on your back. I hope you feel better soon.

  8. So adorable...I have herniated disk so know back pain nothing worse...use china gel really works ..Google it ..only thing that helps me. Rest too

  9. Oh dear--I hope you are feeling better soon! That pinning is very hard on the back--and the knees!!

  10. This looks so nice and it´s clever to use a table. I sit on the floor and, yes, it´s not good for my back either.

  11. Look after your back, the quilt will wait. Hope it is feeling better soon!

  12. So sorry about your back, but hope all is better now. Could you elaborate on the method of rolling the batting and top together? Do you unroll it as you pin it?


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