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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Mom's Poms is together....I see that some of them are swaying in the breeze (LOL= not exactly straight!);--))).....

I am in the process of making another version as I LOVE this pattern...hopefully the next one's stems and leaves will turn out a bit better.....
And so...I am deeming this one a Primitive Version....lol
AND  Poms is being put on hold while I finish up:

                                                     Fi's Forest Fairies quilt....

                                              A closer view of this lovely Michael Miller fabric that
                                                          I am using for the four border sections

             I love how the hydrangeas  give this quilt an "Old Fashioned" flair

Quilting away this afternoon on the top border.....each one is 52.5" x 13"--so
they take about 1.5 hrs to get QAYGo-ed......I find this process very relaxing and good
therapy right now....a little Chopin on my radio, a cup of Chai and many memories floating
through my head....good recipe for me today....5 weeks now....time marches on.....

Darling Kota is now watching her favorite Red Sox and favorite Yankees go head-to-head 
(Jeff is a Red Sox fan and his wife, Lin, is a Yankee fan) --so Kota is kind of                               conflicted....hahaha,,,

I hope you are enjoying this lovely Sunday....my DH is out mowing the lawn and tomorrow we have friends coming for a bbq...I am trying to keep busy....
hugs to all
Julierose, La Blageuse (Je me souviens)


  1. Your granddaughter's fairy quilt top turned out very pretty...love the border fabric.

    Enjoy your Sunday and also the BBQ tomorrow.

  2. So glad to hear that you are enjoying the QAYG! I am going to have to try that process some day

  3. The fairies are lovely and the border fabric is so right ...

  4. Happy to see you are quilting away! Your POMs are lovely - and what a good description "swaying in the breeze"!!

  5. both quilts look great. hope your BBQ was fun. we had a 25th anniv for my brother and his wife. the girls did a fabulous job of planning it out. not bad for a 22 and an 18 year old! summertime is so busy!

  6. It's pretty and prim is fun :) I can see why you like that hydrangea fabric too! :)

  7. Love your border fabric, hugs to you for a relaxing day

  8. The fairies are lovely and so is poms. I love the hydrangea fabric. I hope you enjoyed your BBQ.

  9. That came out great and Fi's border is lovely. Hope you enjoyed some renewing stitching with tea and good memories. Hugs.

  10. Beautiful border fabric! Love your poms! Look great!

  11. Gorgeous. I was wondering if it was QAYG looks great.

  12. Love the batiks you used for those pomegranate blocks, so pretty. I've always wanted to make some of those. Classical music, tea and sewing, hmmmm, a perfect day!


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