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Thursday, July 16, 2015

VOILA!!! (2/3rds done)

And we have a 2/3rds flimsy (as it is already quilted AND
...all I have to do is make and add the backing, binding & label...YAY!!

I love how nice the back came out.  I will re-press those opened seams
 before adding  the backing.

I used two resources in making this quilt and I HIGHLY recommend both:

This book

(which I bought on Amazon--I mostly learn from books and blogs and have
never taken any classes.....I like to study a method while watching tv at night  to see if I think I can do it!!)

"Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern" by Jera Brandvig--a terrific book.  Her instructions,
tips and presentation of different patterns are just fantastic.  Thanks Jera!

And Maureen's Blog...her tutorials on QAYG are excellent and actually inspired me
to try this method as I have a difficult time quilting a large quilt. I follow her blog and love her posts....

I will call this:
                                                  "FIONA'S FOREST FAIRIES" quilt;

Fi is enchanted by  those cute little statuettes of fairies and elves and
has her own little garden spot where she plays with them and makes up stories that happen to them....how cute and imaginative.....

On the home front----
Sad to say we are bringing our sweet 'Kota back to Jeff's today--I will miss her so much!!
She was a wonderful "perk-me-up" for me.....

Hugs to all
Julierose, La Blageuse (heureuse)


  1. Good job on the almost-flimsy finish . . .

  2. Coucou Julie !
    J'ai regardé le tuto du QAYG de Maureen et en effet, c'est très instructif !!
    Ton top est magnifique et presque terminé !!
    Bravo et gros bisous

  3. great job - liked seeing the back view.

  4. Yay for an almost-finish! It won't take long to get 'er done!

  5. she will love that forever. it's beautiful

  6. love Fi's quilt and love that QAYG method. I will have to try that! maybe you need a "Kota" of your own animals are a great pick me up. they have unconditional love that is for sure. Dunkin is always waiting for me at the door at the end of the day and gives me hugs in the morning. love it!


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