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Saturday, July 18, 2015


And here are my reds set up ready to be sewn in 2-sies!! 
(Wrong sides up). Linking up with superscrappy . Go and see what everyone is doing with their reds....amazing!!

 That's as far as I have gotten this month after all that has happened
in our lives since Mom's passing....  

I have yet to finish June's little Ojo Di Dios block, too....well I guess
 that is what December is for...right?? Right!  

Hot, humid and rainy today--a good day to sew these up and start the back for Fi's quilt; my fabric arrived yesterday --and wouldn't you know--I don't like
what I chose somehow...instead:
 I am using other fabrics from my Christmas Stash...

Fiona will be 4 this Fall and I am trying to not choose anything too baby-ish and yet not too adult....I keep on laying out pieces and auditioning them
yes, no, yes, NO!! Back and forth...I hate when I get this way.....(control freak or what??) Anyhoo...enough blabbing for today...
Off to the machine..
hugs and happy weekend...

Julierose, La Blageuse (indecisive-euse)


  1. Sew when you are able. It looks like a great group of REDs!

  2. Sometimes life does get in the way of sewing, but it will always wait patiently for things to settle down.

  3. we are all like that, my panel came for my newly married grand daughter quilt, don't know whether i like it or not , it was just the only thing that said fla. beaches to me.

  4. Totally understand the backing dilemma -- take your time and the right fabric WILL appear!

  5. Who says you are late? That red will get done when you are ready. It is about three months since I lost my son and I try to enjoy each day, as he would have done. We took country rides on the weekends to see barn quilts. We only got to a few, but good memories are what I will always have.

  6. You know sometimes, it's best to leave a project for a week or two and work on something else. Then quite often if you return to the project, the dilemmas vanish and your inspiration returns.

  7. I know that dithering feeling! No one enjoys a good dither like I do...
    Just try to relax and breathe. Fabric is very patient and will wait forever.

  8. Sorry about your Mom.... lots of Wi-fi Hugs...

  9. a find summer sewing hard to find time to do! it will be fun to make a "little girl" quilt.

  10. I hate ordering fabric and then hating it when it arrives. I'm confident though that you'll find the perfect fabrics.

  11. Hello Julie !
    J'adore tes carrés rouges !! Et je suis certaine que tu vas trouver un joli quilt à faire pour ta petite-fille !! ;)
    Gros bisous et bon dimanche !

  12. Give yourself time to do things on your own timetable. We will all still be here. So will your fabric!!

  13. Take your time, dear. Those scraps will be there when you are ready.

  14. I know what you mean about not being happy with any of the choices available. It does tend to make one feel like we're being too picky. But sometimes we just have to wait for the right print to show up. Sometimes it magically appears in my stash (I somehow overlooked it previously) and sometimes it's waiting for us elsewhere. Quilting is fun but it's not always easy!

  15. do things at your own pace and enjoy the journey. your fabrics will wait. sew up some fabric crumbs to help you get thru a lull. thats what I do. then I trim them into blocks and sew them up into a warm top.

  16. Love the reds, I hate it when I order something and I don't like it.


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