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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Here's the first total web--it takes four blocks (16 pieces  in all ) for this pattern to emerge...
I see that I have to add more oranges to my stash--;--))) aw,  too bad--will have to do some more stash enhancement....

I am debating whether to quilt the stars or the webs in "Quilt As You Go" method. 

I will sew these four together and back with needlepunch batting and machine quilt this one section by section...Right now the blocks are around 12.5" - 13"...the batting is cut to 13.5"....
I thought I would use some orange thread..and .am leaning toward quilting the stars as they will recede once quilted and the webs will come forward--

What are your thoughts?   

Here is my set up for making the blocks to the right of Helga....wedges for webs and extra pieces for the ends.....I will need to cut up a lot more--but for now, this will keep me going
for a while....

Today, We had: 
much needed rain--1.4" so far...our house is situated  pretty high up, so no flooding for us...and we had our gutters re-done last week so they are able to handle the heavy rains --at least so far!!

For those of you who are interested:

My DH went to his MD appointment this afternoon--he is up for an MRE this month of October  to discover what is actually going on.....fingers crossed.......

Hugs to you all, Julierose, La Blageuse (SpiderLady-euse) 


  1. You have given me a new term...Stash Enhancement. I love it!

    The blocks are looking good.

    Best of luck with your DH's appointments, prayers going up for you.

  2. Those spiderwebs are looking good! Best wishes to your DH.

  3. I was wondering how your hubby was since between you, Dawn, and Barbara you all had the spouses in the hospital at the same time. Love your spiderwebs, and the texty fabric is great.

  4. Love the spiderweb pattern! Looks great! The rain was good today! A little too much at times! I got soaked going to work! Hope all is well with your husband.

  5. Thinking of you both and most definitely keeping my fingers crossed!

  6. love your webs. I will look for some oranges in my stash. it is not a color I usually have. we too are getting flooded. I will row my boat to yours LOL
    QAYG sounds like the way to go and i like your idea for quilting this is coming out fabulous!

  7. I agree ... quilt the stars so they'll stand out. The webs will otherwise catch the eye's attention. Praying for your DH ... it must be frustrating not knowing what is going on.

  8. Bonjour JulieRose !
    Le fil orange me semble une très bonne idée pour quilter tes blocs !! J'adore !!
    Je ne sais pas ce qu'est une MRE mais j'ai compris que c'était des examens médicaux alors....fingers crossed for your DH !!
    Big hugs !

  9. Your spider web blocks look so great--I love that pop of orange! I hope your DH gets some answers--so awful to not know what's going on!

  10. Love your blocks , hope hubby gets a great report

  11. Love these spider web blocks! The color palette is gorgeous and the neutral fabrics are great!

  12. just seeing the rich brown with the greenish edge is yummy

  13. Spider webs are on my want to do list. Yours are wonderful....very inspiring. I will be interested to see how the quilting goes. Only did one quilt as you go way back in the hand quilting days with Georgia Bonesteel. Pray that your husband gets a good report and can find out how to feel well again.

  14. Such a wonderful spiderweb. I think there are going to be many more in my future...I'm especially inspired by your background fabrics.


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