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Thursday, September 3, 2015


                                              OOPSEY---- Can you see the mistake?????

I didn't find it until I had sewn the row together .....Aaaargh!                                                           SOOooo----rippit, rippit!!!!!!

I love this pattern of Bonnie's!! Those roses just are delicieux!  This is the  latest addition to the Scrappy Trips I am making....and here are the first two all  sewn together:

This may not be the final setting, but I can already see how much fun it will be to play with these.....

{A little peek at my RSC postage stamp block for Saturday on the right!!;--))) }

This morning we went out for breakfast at a local restaurant and then headed on over to the boardwalk to walk it off!  It was so airless, ---ack----no breezes; even off the water; and a huge fog bank on the horizon.  
It is now 85 degrees with a dewpoint of 72!  
Ai, ai, ai--hot-hot-hot!!

A good day to stay inside and sew in our AC....

We have no plans for Labor Day weekend except to definitely STAY OFF I-95--a parking lot even on the best of days.....

Julierose La Blageuse (scrap-euse)


  1. we had to drive 1-95 in Jacksonville Fla, a race track!!!!

  2. That weather is what we consider a cool down here in the summer. LOL I always wonder why I don't check twice before I stitch, but I never do. Love your scrappy trip blocks

  3. Ha-ha, I even have a finished quilt with a great mistake. I didn't notice it, my quilter didn't. I got it home, binded it and still didn't see it. At an exhibition some weeks after, a lady asked me about it, and I was shocked. I never ripped it, and it will stay that way forever.

  4. love your projects- I too hate to rip- I try everything in my power to make it into a design element LOL

  5. Isn't it easy to get one of the components turned around the wrong way!!
    Your scrappy trips blocks are coming along beautifully, it's going to be a beauty when all finished and set together.

  6. You are making great progress on your sewing.

    We plan to stay off the roads this weekend, too. Maybe I can make some progress on my sewing :)

  7. La petite erreur n'est pas grave et se répare très vite !
    J'aime beaucoup tes blocks ! Ils sont remplis de bonne humeur !!
    Gros bisous et bon WE !

  8. I've learned (the hard way) to take photos of my quilts in progress so I can find my mistakes ... I never seem to see them when looking at the quilt in real life. :-o

  9. I'm working all weekend. Hope I get a little sewing in! Your projects are looking great! I make mistakes like that all the time. ALWAYS noticed after sewn together. I don't know why we don't see them ahead of time. Have a great weekend!

  10. Great scrapy blocks. I am so tired of the heat, and humidity.


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