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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


VIVIAN FROM: the Bronx Quilter wanted to see my finished Ladies (sorry for the crooked pix)!! 

Below are all the blocks in their finished forms:

Here i used my Grand-mere's old buttons from her button box....

and this block (above) is a little plainer.....I let the fabric do the work here--and doesn't it look windy in there????;--))))

And, she seems almost like an angel to me..at first, that orange color threw me...so
I tried incorporating a bit of it in some of the other blocks....

I loved adding the headdresses  --les Dames just seemed to need them.... 

This one above was my favorite to stitch...and took the longest!! 
thanks to my Grand-mere--i already know all these stitches--but there are so many new ones to learn also, that it just doesn't get old....could she be a "Mermaid"????

this was a totally rewarding project--slow, and a real break from machine quilting...

I highly recommend Crazee Quilting...
hugs, Enjoy Julierose, La Blageuse  


  1. I've considered doing crazy quilting and once a blog-friend sent me some crazy scraps to tempt me but I still haven't tried. Seeing your finished work does inspire me again! Very pretty.

  2. Beautiful hand embroidery on your lovely ladies - I like the hint of orange!

  3. Something I would like to do some day! I love the button used in hair and hat!

  4. Beautiful work. Love those ladies, prints, buttons and lace.

  5. This is a beautiful quilt, and I love that you've used old buttons. I have many old buttons from my grandma, and would like to use them like this.

  6. This so stylish and elegant. I love the jewel-like colours and your embellishments. They frame these ladies beautifully :)


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