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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


                            THREE  whole Webs done now--8 blocks....

Friday we have friends coming for dinner, so tomorrow will be shopping/cleaning/etc.......so I pushed and got two done this afternoon.
 (oof-dah my back is complaining......) I most likely will not get anymore sewing done until Saturday.....

My room is small, so I cannot get all of the top partial blocks in....here's an upper view:

and here are close ups of some webs....

I love that fish swimming along....("swim!,  said the Mama Fishie, Swim! if you can, and they swam and they swam all over the dam;
poop poop didem dadem whatem shoo-- and they swam and swam all over the dam") does that age me or what???? ;--0000

AND music scores.....and

cactus poking up.....
On my way to 35 blocks,,,,27 left (and that's 98 quadrants...methinks I will be
needing more orange....!!) 

DH is cleaning out our fireplace and the glass doors on it....I plan on a nice cuppa before I make my "Pasta Julianna" for our dinner....

Hope you are "working on Wednesday" to get your WIPS done....
hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (web-euse)


  1. Pretty! Like the background fabrics.

  2. Ok - what is Pasta Julianna? You are making good progress on your webs. Love the fishy. I got a little stitching in - added the yellow surround to 4 midget blocks while helping with homework.

  3. Love these!!! Scrappy backgrounds, strings, webs - happy sigh.

  4. Pasta Julianna? You've piqued my curiosity. Those webs are coming together nicely ... what interesting fabrics in them. I didn't get in any stitching ... I spent the day with my daughter and my grands. ;-)


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