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Thursday, April 26, 2018


Since I won't be able to hand sew hexagons anymore, I have decided to use all my
rosettes as as appliques for some table runners...(added: joining with Sarah
on her hexagon linky)

These fabrics are from 1989!!  I used to work on these when we would spend
 long Summer afternoons at Harkness State Park relaxing and taking in the
lovely ocean views and cooling breezes...

I have a lot of rosettes with varying numbers of rounds left over from 
a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt I had planned..

these three

all have a white 


And I used Helga to applique them

As it is white on white fabric I thought this stitching with pure white thread would
look good....

I am trying to figure out how to utilize all those stitches on my machine as I can no
longer hand quilt either...my hand problems just won't allow it...

Everything comes and goes in cycles in life........

and I am really surprisingly thrilled {;-))}
at how nicely this stitching came out...

So, I will be reading up on machine applique and trying to refine my almost
 non-existent skills...
The sun is trying to break through these low, gray clouds here today and our daffodils
are finally emerging...Spring has finally sprung here----I think???!!

Hugs to you all
Julierose, La Blageuse (in the meantime also tying Venetzia-euse )


  1. Those rosettes made a nice runner. I'm sorry you won't be hand stitching any longer but you and your machine have made a great team. The applique' came out so pretty.

  2. It seems a lot of us "ladies of a certain age" are dealing with new limitations in our quilting lives. It's too bad we don't all live closer so we could pool our abilities and among us manage to complete a few quilts a year. Your machine applique looks wonderful, and I also love that background fabric you chose for this first runner. Sunny here at last though temps are in low 50s.

  3. Well, I certainly agree with the first sentence from Quilting Babcia. I'm pleased you're using your rosettes on the table runner, they look perfect on your chosen background fabric, sadly I think Grandmother's Flower Garden is going to be off my project list unless the hexagons are large and, can be machined in some way.

  4. I think your flowers are beautiful and I also do a lot of machine appliqué
    I’m ready for spring now too, just hope it won’t go to quickly.

  5. Hi Julierose wow how beautiful is this,love your hexies,what a shame you cant do them anymore,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  6. love your horses and venezia I beautiful too. great finish my frien

  7. Great way to use those hexagon units and it looks great! I'm thinking of doing the same thing with the final border of my Mrs. Billings quilt.

  8. Everything does seem to have a season, even our bodies😂😂😂 your hexies are lovely.

  9. Nice machine stitching and thread color,
    good choice. Where there's a will there's a way.

  10. This is such a great idea! I think your hexagons look so gorgeous when appliqued. The stitching looks wonderful to me. It doesn't matter how you get them done. Any finish is a good one!!

  11. love the way you saved the day. sometimes alternate plans come out fabulous like yours.

  12. I like that you are still using the hexagons, and this was a great idea. I admire your approach to the limitations, finding a new way to do things - good like with machine applique!

  13. good solution for your hexies! looks nice.

  14. J'aime beaucoup tes hexagones Julie Rose ! Ils sont magnifiques !! Et c'est une bonne idée :)

  15. I see you like blue Ball jars too! I have several clear and blue jars in my quilt lab with different size EPP papers in them. I'm sorry to hear your hands are not cooperating for hand work any more. I have seen online that some people machine sew their hexies so maybe you will find a way to continue via machine. And machine applique? I do it all the time. With a little practice it will become second nature for you.


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