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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


                                              Campfire Melodies is all quilted--
I decided to just do vertical and horizontal outlining of each block...on either side of the seams...

                         Just simple (mostly straight anyway -- hahaha) straight line quilting...

And this morning I have just  finished making this up 

                                           The binding all rolled and ready to apply..
                                                     Helga is getting impatient....;(((

But these shoulders, neck and hands are needing a rest day or two...so she'll have
to be patient for a couple more days....

I am happy with the quilting and thinking ahead to the label for my 
                                                                L A S T  B I G  Q U I L T

I know enough to never say "never"; but I really cannot be hauling big quilts
through my machine anymore--and I don't send out my quilts 
(not that there's anything wrong with that at all!) to be quilted...

The S U N came out today and it has reached 48 degrees--what a relief to see the
sunshine even though it is a bit hazy...warming to the spirit for sure.

Next week we are going up to visit my son and DIL 
(and Willa and Fiona and Kota)
for the 1st time in a long time.  ;)))))

Hubster says he feels well enough to travel a bit...(fingers crossed).  
I hope to bring up Jeff's quilt for him as a surprise present.  His is the last one....
Everybody else has a quilt that I have made from start to finish....
I've had a good long run making big quilts....such fun work....*:--)))

Now I will be changing gears a bit and making.....who knows what??? 
I am still in the dark on this and pondering...I will be de-stashing 
quite a lot--I think--although that is painful...
BUT necessary....

I do know that a bit of a respite is long overdue...

hugs from a lovely day here at long last....
Julierose, La Blageuse (finishing-euse)


  1. Love your Campfire quilt. Is that one where you make whole blocks then cut them in quarters and resew them together with other quartered blocks?
    Have a great time traveling.

  2. Your quilt is very pretty and looks like a lot of work. I have asked Barb to adopt me - you could too. lol What is wrong with your hubs - I hope he can go. I understand about working with the hands - I have to rest mine too - I do a lot of work on the computer. Is there something called A slow blogger or did you make it up? I would like to add that on mine. Love, sandie

  3. your quilting looks great.
    Yay for the sun lately - have a great family visit

  4. Love you, hope for the very best trip. Great quilt , love the browns . Great friend a male

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  6. This quilt is a great man quilt! I totally hear you about no more quilting big quilts though. My goodness, the last one gave me a sore back! I just need to pace myself better and not try to do so much all at once. You have so many other interests that I can't imagine you're not going to have plenty of other avenues to let your creative juices flow. Are you going to keep on blogging? Hope so!

  7. Congratulations on being almost finished with your last big quilt! I'm sure you can find lots of small projects to work after you have rested a bit.

  8. He is going to LOVE it. You have so many creative talents. Rest those


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