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Sunday, April 15, 2018


                The start of our leftover pork fried rice dinner on this gray gray Sunday....

I use chopped, cold roasted pork, onions, celery and shredded carrots and
 pre-cooked white rice...with:

these additions; frying the pork bits with the Five Spices in olive oil until browned and
then adding veggies .  Lastly the cold rice, mixing well with Soy Sauce and Toasted Semsame Oil..........

and you get this:
A lovely "gibbilot" of tastes--set to simmer on lowest heat for about 45 minutes--
checking often to see if any liquid is needed...

one of our favorite Sunday leftover meals...

Luckily, Thom is the "Leftover King" here and often makes his own mixtures with various
leftovers, too...{waste not, want not--is that you Grand-mere, 
reminding me up there?} ;)))

And here are the (sad) leftover Easter tulips....

these were a vibrant ochre with orange and pale green streaks...I plan to Winter
them over...and I even like how they faded into these....

these leftover tulips started out a lovely pale lavender;
 from my daughter for Easter...

Hoping I can save the bulbs and replant them in containers for next Spring;
I cannot put them outside as the deer consider them their own special
dessert !!! ;(((

I hope your Sunday (no sun here though, today!!) is a restful one...

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (in my "cheffette's" hat-euse)


  1. Your planned overs look delicious! There is still a lot of work to making the dish.
    We are having a blizzard here, and not the yummy DQ kind. Gusting winds to 37mph and snow and about 27 degrees. They say it will last through Monday. Some excitement anyway. Glad it is us this time and not you again.

  2. Thank you for the recipe...I am going to try that, as I think I have everything here to make it! YUM!

  3. So far the deer have plenty to ear here but as soon as it gets dry they come and eat all mine

  4. Your dinner looks so good! I wish you could plant your flowers outside but don't know when that will be possible. It's been snowing here. No accumulation but sad to see!

  5. I look for leftover recipes all the time. Hubby isn't fond of leftovers but I will try this. I have never used the 5 spice herbs but will try maybe that will help me out. Hugs, lj

  6. That looks like a very delicious leftover meal. It made me hungry :)


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