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Saturday, April 14, 2018


                           So, the front doorbell rings; it's the mailman--he says to me 
                                              "I have a surprise for you" 

                        I go to myself "Whaaaa?" A present from the mailman?? 

Then, I see it's from my friend Jacky (no blog--hey Jacky time for you to get a blog--jes sayin' *;))) ) . My mailman says with a big grin "This made my day"  !!

And it's 
                                                       HAPPY MAIL

this is a list of the contents with a funny little saying for each one...

                    Look at all this booty!! All those little fiddley items that I have never
mastered making: a key fob (B &W in front)--look how tiny that is!! Tea bag holders, various pockets and CANDY and Lorna Doones to go with that Earl Grey tea...

                               And this cute fabric covered bunny plate to hold it all...

Thank you so much Jacky--you are so kind and thoughtful to send me this cornucopia 
of goodness...;)))

So, I had to include your lovely note(s) in my daily illustrated journal:

I used your note as a tip-in in my journal underneath the photo of my Willa gathering
her surprise....isn't she just adorable....

So, this way I can still read Jacky's lovely note and remember her 
I love making tip-ins to put cards, postcards, notes etc--
instead of just putting them into a drawer somewhere--
so when I flip through my journal 
I can recall all these wonderful things...
I feel very lucky to have such 
thoughtful followers..


So yesterday was quite the banner day, folks;
I not only finished Campfire Melodies
I received a lovely present....

Hugs to you all 
Julierose, La Blageuse (doing my happy-dance-euse)


  1. great surprise huh? that Jacky she is a keeper. you got a great package. love the bunny plate...

  2. Tea and crumpets! That's a lovely surprise.

  3. Jackie sent you some wonderful gifts! I wish she would start a blog too!

  4. Jackie sent you some wonderful gifts! I wish she would start a blog too!

  5. That was a very sweet surprise from Jacky. And yes, it is time she started her own blog.


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