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Tuesday, January 5, 2021


Here are my RSC 
Pink strips (R)
Chunks (L)

How could I toss these?
"No way,
 Jose" ;000

So these plus a few odd blocks
are what I have to work with this

Speaking of "Odd Blocks ;000
I made this yonks and
from a Quilters Newsletter
magazine tutorial.

[Sorry to say, my box of old QNM mags
somehow got tossed when we moved here--
that has always been my favorite
quilting magazine--I used to read and re-read
it constantly for inspiration-
I had at least 8 yrs of issues...
And they are 
G O N E !! ]

So, I would like to feature this 
block somehow in a piece 
in memory of my 
(who threw them away?
I'd like to know👾 !!!)
favorite old magazine...


I am sewing a few other previously
started and unfinished blocks
together this morning
while making banana
bread in my Oster Bread machine.

That aroma is wafting throughout the 
house..it is cooling right now
Ooooh the anticipation...

[talk about Pavlov's dogs
 salivating!! 👀😋😋]


So, that is what is going on around my house today...
plus the dinner menu is:
My homemade minnestrone soup
with garlic bread on the side.

[Yesterday we had a full
roast chicken dinner with all
the fixin's; so today is
a "lighter" meal day]

Take care still to be careful:
mask and social distance.

hugs, Julierose
La Blageuse


  1. So sorry about those magazines - are there digital copies available online? We love our banana/cranberry bread - DEElicious. And our menu tonight is Cavatini (GF pasta with meat sauce featuring sausage, seasoned hamburger, and pepperoni - an old Boy Scout campfire recipe) with toasted homemade Vienna bread.

  2. That is an amazing block. I'm so sorry the magazines didn't make it through the move. Losing things that there is no way of getting back or replacing is so frustrating. Look forward to seeing what you come up with. Wish I could come to your house for dinner. . .

  3. Let's see what you come up with using those pink pieces for RSC

  4. Would you like those magazines back again?????

  5. that's one thing we make plenty of is scraps, I have bags I need to cut into the right size and I am cutting for my Batik log cabin that I work on every once in a while

  6. Not many pinks there. How will you use them all up. What a neat block. Sorry you lost your patterns. I know how that is. I know I have a pattern for a quilt kit in my sitting room. It is actually a magazine. But I haven't laid hands on it yet.

  7. Minestrone soup. Yum! I need to make some soon. Good plan to use your vintage blocks. They will add personal memories to your quilt.

  8. Dinner sounds yummy. What a great block - it deserves to be the star of a project. I'll remember about the magazines and make sure my stack will make the cut on the next move.

  9. That's a neat block. Sorry for the loss of the magazines.

  10. Those pink scraps are very appealing - I'll enjoy seeing what you do with them! Your clover block should definitely be featured. I haven't made minestrone soup in a long time - that sounds delicious!

  11. I have some bananas waiting to be turned into bread also!

  12. Magazines - oh yes, I remember my collections of those! When we moved into the apartment I simply didn't have room to keep them all so pretty much all of them went. Sometimes I miss them but then I remind myself that there's a myriad of ideas on the internet just waiting to be discovered and I don't mourn too much.


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