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Saturday, January 2, 2021

HASHTAG (#) RSC Quilt, et al


Here are the pinks I chose
for the 1st block row of
that Punctuation Quilt


I only had four solid pinks
in my stash--

I used the reverse of one for the 5th color
And I am using WOW as my background
for all the upcoming blocks...

First Row of 
Hashtag blocks sewn
and ready for strip inserts...

Besides this Punctuation
quilt, I have not
as yet decided what
else, if anything, to work on
For RSC 2021.

JulieK Quilts
is hosting another
"Log Cabin Loonies"
SAL this year...;)))
Last time I really enjoyed making
a little tabletopper.

So I will be also joining that...

These are my two planned
joinings for this year.

Meanwhile, I am still hand quilting
Night Flight Geese slowly...

Taking it easy today as
I am still a bit under the weather...

hugs, Julierose
La blageuse
(not quite "in the pink"- euse)



  1. Are you going to be a busy quilter!!! I like the idea of the hashtag with RSC and you've chosen a lovely assortment of pinks.

  2. I love the idea of punctuation! And you always have lots of fun with these rainbow color challenges.

    To insert a link, the icon is to the left of the ''insert photo'' icon, on the new Blogger draft header. The icon looks like a paperclip kind of. If that isn't functioning, you can just right click and highlight/copy the page you want's header info and then paste that directly into your post. Email me if neither plan works. ;-)



  3. Those are pretty pinks! Great idea to use the back side of one to get a different look!

  4. Nice start on your pink punctuation!

  5. I often use the back sides of fabrics - it's amazing how they just end up being 'the' perfect colour or texture. I had to google to see what a punctuation quilt is - never heard that term before. Will be fun to watch yours evolve. Hope you're soon feeling much better!

  6. Your pinks look great - hope you feel better soon. xx

  7. Guess I will be looking fore some pinks

  8. Nice to see you have plans for the new year. Love your pinks.

  9. You're starting some great projects! I'm joining a BOM even though I told myself I wouldn't! Oh, well!!


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