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Sunday, January 24, 2021


Does anyone know why I cannot
get my Bloglovin feed at all?
I keep geeting:
"This page is not available" 

So annoying...!!!

No hugs for Bloglovin


  1. Julierose, I can't use Bloglovin anymore either, so I switched to Feedly and can get all the same blogs over there. I think Bloglovin must have updated, and my tablet won't work with it anymore.

  2. I don't use it, no clue. My blog list come from Blogger , in the sidebar on the left's menu?

    I wouldn't use something w such a silly name, way back then. LOL.

  3. Hmmm - I don't know the answer to this one. Mine, touch wood, is working okay but perhaps that's because I use a desktop computer - but maybe that's a sheer fluke.

  4. Sorry to read you're having problems Julierose, hope all can be fixed soon.

  5. I haven't been able to get Bloglovin' to load, either. I follow most bloggers on Feedly, too, but not all. I hope it's a glitch on their end that gets fixed soon!

  6. Bloglovin' goes in and out for me. Today (Sat., 1/30) it's on.


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