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Thursday, June 10, 2021


After my Big Y weekly
food shopping
early this morning,
I came home and settled out on our
deck to begin my hand 
quilting journey on my 
Low Volume String blocks...
[click to enlarge pix]

It is a beautiful low humidity day
here with a lovely breeze

I am using this lovely
Sulky cotton thread in 
this "perfect" pale green 
color using my
Milliner's needle and little
automatic needle threader.
(I love that little vintage 
tea napkin edging above)

I will be stitching a row on 
each block's
seamed sides....
both vertically 
and horizontally.

Some of seam crossing spots 
are pretty hard to 
needle through 
[I've already bent one
needle !!]
But, I am trying to "navigate 
around" as best I can,
those seam crossings...

That green/white fabric below
is a dense linen leftover from
a crazy quilt block...

Right here I managed to
work underneath
this crossing spot......

I think my title for this one will
be "Early Spring".

Hugs, Julierose,
La blageuse


  1. The colors are very relaxing on this one and your stitching is so nice and even! Can't wait to see the finish.

  2. Nice quilt. Will be pretty. Cooler here too.

  3. Low volume is so cool. This will be a nice quilt.

  4. Your quilting stitch is so pretty. I too enjoyed our day hand quilting, tho I fear not as perfectly. Wasn't it a great day, if a tab too gale windy. 25-30 mph. ''sand in my teeth'', lol. I got out all my potato rocks to hold the little project on the table.

  5. The pale green thread does look just perfect for those pretty string blocks! Enjoy the quilting!

  6. That thread is a great choice - will blend perfectly everywhere I think. I love the vintage look.

  7. I love the low volume colors in this one. Soothing to the eye while you hand quilt.

  8. This is going to be such a pretty quilt! Love the thread you chose! Have fun quilting!

  9. So pretty. I love that you are using the green thread. It adds so much interest.

  10. Such a pretty quilt! I love the low volume look. Your quilting is the perfect complement to your quilt.

  11. That sounds like a lovely way to spend the day!

  12. "Early Spring" is a perfect name for this piece as the first colors are starting to show their beauty and come out of darkness. Low volume prints are among my favorites. They always coordinate so nicely together. Great work!

  13. These are just lovely! So soft and pretty and calming.

  14. Great name for your string quilt and I love the colour of your quilting thread!


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