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Monday, June 14, 2021


I got this finished over
the past weekend--all
bound and labeled...

Here it is on my cocktail table in
my living room..
Fits nicely...;)))

The backing is a VERY old fabric
that has been languishing
in my stash for-EVER!
I chose to use the bird fabric for
the binding.
I even remembered to 
label it...;))

on the family front:
my two handsome twin grandsons--

Greg (L) and Connor(R) 
are attending their last day 
of High School..

Tomorrow they will graduate..

It just doesn't seem possible...

My daughter's youngest two..
S  I  G  H...

Life surely flies by in a moment...

We will be watching the
live stream at
5 p.m. here at home...

We hope to see them soon so 
I can give them
their "Going Away  To College"

It will have been such a long time
since my daughter and her family
have all come down here.

We are planning a BBQ 
Fingers crossed for good weather...


I hope you are all well and
being able to sew...
La Blageuse
(Lots of finishing-euse)


  1. The Cherry Thief is a wonderful finish, Julierose! I love the purple in it. Congratulations to your grandsons! It will be so great to have a family gathering again.

  2. Your cherry thief turned out wonderfully. Just so pretty. Congratulations to you and your grandsons on their graduation. I had a grandson graduate from high school recently too. It must have been a good year because he is handsome as well - ha! Have a great time with your family gathering!

  3. Charming quilt and wonderful name. Congrats to your grandsons.

  4. Your cherry thief came out nice. Congrats to the grads. One of my nieces graduated too.they grow too fast

  5. Your grandsons are handsome! Now out into the big wild world for them.

  6. What a wonderful little quilt! A label and everything. Congrats to your grandsons.

  7. Congratulation on a fully finished Cherry Thief!!
    Two very handsome grandsons, enjoy the live stream of the ceremony and you have a visit to look forward to sometime soon.

  8. Enjoy a wonderful family celebration! Your mini quilt is so pretty.

  9. The Cherry Thief applique' piece is perfect for your table and a lovely finish. Congratulations to your grandsons. I'm sure you will all have a great time together, no matter the weather.

  10. What a great quilt! Very pretty. Two more young people start on the next chapter of their lives - always an exciting time! xx

  11. Great finish on the Cherry Thief. And....two very handsome grandsons - congratulations on putting high school behind them.

  12. Oh your quilt is fabulous. Graduation from high school how awesome!

  13. Your little quilt is super sweet. Love it! And congrats to your grandsons. Graduations are wonderful milestones!:)

  14. Beautiful little table topper! Great fabric choices. What handsome grandsons! Congratulations to all.

  15. Love this quilt! You have 2 very handsome grandsons! Congratulations to them and the whole family!

  16. I love your Cherry Thief!
    Once those boys have your quilts in hand they'll be ready for anything! Congrats to them!

  17. Well done on finishing the Cherry Thief, it's beautiful! Congratulations to your grandsons. Kids grow like weed.


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