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Friday, May 17, 2013


My RSC13 May blues have turned out to be little beach huts....I have made 15 of them and plan to make....well, what I really don't know.  I have to figure out a setting for them as yet.  right now they are beckoning me from my design wall. The problem is that the Real Beach near our home is also calling me....it's so lovely here right now.  Outside is the place to be!

Here are two more:
I think this last one is one of my favorites. 

Today looks like a deck day for us...so I will most likely be working on more of these:

 Only four more rows to finish--yay!  Uh...that is actually 82 more hexies to be sewn--and I may have to cut some more...I am running our of purple pansies..
But, not to worry--I will search the stash and the scraps and eke out something....
Wishing you all a wonderful stitch-ey weekend...hugs, Julierose, La blageuse


  1. Hello Julie,
    what lovely beach houses. I love them. It's nice to hear that you can go to the beach near you house. Are there also beach houses. It will be wonderful to see fotos from your beach.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. I love how you have built the beach houses, it shows what can be done with a bit of creative thinking. Sounds like your hexies are growing well!

  3. Cute beach huts! Improv houses are definitely on my "to do" list.

  4. I LOVE your little beach huts!! They are so cute!!

  5. Oh, those are the cutest little beach huts. How original and creative and fun!

  6. I love your beach huts!! Have fun sewing your 82 hexagons!

  7. Oh my goodness, your little beach huts are so cute, what a great idea!

  8. Love your happy scrappy beach houses. What a cute idea! Enjoy your outside time.

  9. Your beach huts are so cute and I love the polka dots. Enjoy your time at the beach!


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