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Monday, May 13, 2013


May has "snaked" its way onto my design wall...

Using bits and bobs                                                       little pieces sewn to make those wedges .................................................
Little fishies, alphabets, all old, old fabric.....


Speaking of "OLD"

Yesterday was a "double-dipping" day for me; not only Mother's Day but also my 70th (yikers--how did that happen????) birthday. Altho' MAY is our "blue" month and even though I am in my 70's now...(sigh), how can a person be blue when: 

My wonderful friend of many years and musical partner, Mary Ann, brought me this:

It's quite a "highbrow" plant--all my others are whispering among themselves:      She's called "Portulacaria Africanis Variegata". 

And here's a close up of her calling card...isn't that just so serene....I love it!

My little cherub decided to alight and keep her company

Thank you--Mary Ann--for such a perfect gift--you DO know what I like :--)).

I hope you are enjoying some glorious weather..hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Happy Birthday Julierose! And what a lovely plant! I could not be trusted to keep such a special plant alive! And what a clever use of scrap fabric...so unique!

    Bon anniversaire!!

  2. Fun fabrics! I hope you had a very happy birthday celebration.

  3. Happy Birthday JulieRose! and many more!!

  4. Happy Birthday Julie. I hope you received some quilty presents!

  5. Happy happy birthday!!!!! Also, thanks for the nice comment on the Scarlet Letter blog.....I have never done the outline first until now.... After researching so many who have stitched the sampler, and all was for an Appil, I am stitching it as they did..... It will be fun to "color" in soon! Nice blog and thanks again!!! Faye

  6. happy belated birthday! your plant is quite pretty and your cherub looks nice in there keeping her company.


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