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Friday, May 17, 2013

NO PIX FOR YOU (apologies to Seinfeld!)!

                                           FIRST MACHINE QUILTING

I went and got my walking foot at my LQS yesterday and nearly fainted dead away at the price--but DH said:  "You need it, don't you?  So, get it!" (What a guy!)...

Yesterday I pin basted and this morning I attached the foot (easy peasy!) re-adjusted the pressure -- and I just finished quilting all the long vertical lines along the ....oops, can't give it away now (heh heh)--at any rate 12 lines.  And, it went really well.  (As I posted before I followed Eliz. Hartman's guidelines in her book "Modern Patchwork"--I love this book! see her at http://ohfransson.com )

Quel  Supris!!

Am I doing my  happy dance?   You betcha! ...now to figure out how to quilt the rest....am looking at some options...

Have a happy weekend...hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse quilteuse  :--)))


  1. Hope to see soon!! I always find it a challenge to figure out how to machine quilt something. I look through books and browse online. Hope you find some great ideas!

  2. Wahoo - good for you!! I'm hoping you will be sharing it soon?! I love the amount of inspiration out there at the end of our computers :-) Have a happy weekend!

  3. You are going to love your walking foot for quilting. I use it more for quilting my quilts than my free motion foot. This series of quilting with a walking foot helped me a lot.

  4. Couldn't do without my walking foot! will also look up Sheilas blog suggestion!

  5. Sounds like you'll be doing lots of fabulous quilting!!

  6. Walking feet are expensive, but so important for being able to get things done. Enjoy the process.


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