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Friday, June 20, 2014


It's one of those nights. ........Ever have those?  When my children were younger I usually dropped like a rock into sleep every night (unless someone was sick)......not so much as I age....(Moi???) ;--ooo

It's now 12:45 a.m.  usually in bed by 10 or so.......

Finished the grey round on my Christmas crocheted afghan blocks; stacked them in another bag together;

Wound up the variegated (red, white and green with silver flecks) yarn for the next round yarn  from the humongous skein of Red Heart--five balls from this one!! 

Had two cups of tea so far, with 1/2 & 1/2--figuring that the milk product might make me sleepy--NOPE

Ate a Nonnie's Biscotti--(not on my diet, but had the munchies)...and STILL no yawns in sight

All the while watching the Red Sox lose (AGAIN Arrrgh!)  to Oakland 4 - 2....but got to hear that cute Dennis Eckersley do the color...(plus he's informative--right? and funny...hmmmmm--life in the old gal yet !)

Wrote a journal entry in my Franklin--trying to find what's on my mind--lotsa family losses and issues, Mom's fading and shrinking each time I see her she seems smaller to me....and I always found her to be bigger than life.....

--like my friend MA says".... It builds up....you can't ignore it...it WILL eventually rise to the surface and keep you awake nights".  Yup--right on MA.....

Well, I'm still sitting here...waiting to get sleepy....don't want to eat/cheat anything else......

I guess I'll turn on a video and hope to get drowsy...perhaps Poirot will make me drowsy..
.OR NOT!!!

Goodnight gals, from your sleepless Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Sorry you are not sleeping well. Sleepless nights plague me often. Thought it was getting better but nope! Sorry also to hear about your Mom! I know that feeling of watching them shrink. I lost my dad Dec.1 and my mom May 19th It has been a heck of a six months! I lived 1500 miles away from them. Long distance aging is the pits. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers also. Hope you get sleepy soon!

    1. Oh so sorry for your losses--I totally empathize and understand...I finally fell asleep watching a rerun of Poirot and at about 3:30 and then slept like a top til 8:45...my darling DH tiptoed around me--he awakened at 4 am and was up...this house never really sleeps much...hugs Julierose

  2. oh no. thats not good. while you are up get those string blocks done. love that quilt and how it is coming along. sometimes the hum of the machine and the relaxation of sewing lets my mind relax enough to get to sleep.
    thinking about you..........

    1. Oh thanks Dawn for your good thoughts...next time I will be stringing for sure...hugs, Julierose

  3. Nights like that are so challenging. I usually get up and try to do something until I feel sleepy. Hopefully, you managed to drift off before too long.

    1. I did finally--- after another cup--this time hot chocolate--oh that diet is losing ground--but sleep is more important...or it feels that way...thanks, Julierose

  4. I sure feel your pain...except I sleep for 3 hours, and then I am up, doing all those things that you mentioned, LOL!! Careful with the tea...caffeine there...I quilt a LOT at night!!

    1. Hiya Julie! Sometimes it works that way for me, too. I have decaf tea--but am thinking that even that will be a no-no for sleeping. I have always needed a lot of sleep--and am a "bear" when I don't get enough...grrrr...hugs and thanks for your kind comment Julierose

  5. Well you certainly achieved quite a lot even if you didn't sleep, at least not until 3.30am. Not nice when sleep eludes you for the best part of the night - I sympathise.


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