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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Here are my strips n' strings that I pieced on 81/2" x 2 1/2" pieces of telephone book papers.  They all decided to get together this week and play nicely.


I saw the pattern for "Dancing Nine Patches" and decided that I would use my UFO (unfinished opus) to make huge 18" blocks...Four together make one huge block.  I have enough left to make 3 more and will need to sew more scraps and strings (YAY!!) on papers to make 2 more after that....gettin' rid of those scraps!!

Bonnie Hunter had a video about this method and I loved it right away--hmmm
perhaps because seam allowances for piecing don't matter.....and you all are, I am sure, tired hearing about my shenanagans with that nasty 1/4" thingey.


Can you find Santa---can you find a sailboat, can you find a butterfly??????

I guess this has turned into an "I SPY" string quilt.....
What fun!!

Go to this blog to see a lot of neat string projects!  

Hugs and stay cool--man is it HUMID!!, Julierose, LA Blageuse


  1. I love where you are going with this quilt!! I did find myself playing eye spy, I saw cactuses, a saliboat, and I found the butterfly :)

  2. This will make a great quilt. I know my grandkids would have a blast checking out all the fabrics.

  3. Very interesting prints. I love the concept, too. It'd be fun to just empty the crumb bags. Thanks for sharing.

  4. 1/4 thingy ....not in my house,if I wonder off it's being creative.lol
    Love your blocks and yes I did spy Santa.x

  5. Love all those scraps! The setting is so fun! That quarter inch is a pain!!


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