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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Here's the next GP installment: (see that all knowing grin on his face?) 
Last night I dreampt that I heard someone in my sewing room--nah, couldn't be--turned over and went back to sleep....
This morning DH and I went out early (this darn time change has us up at  five am!!) and voted (& as a side note, just because we were such good citizens we are taking ourselves out to lunch for ...wait for it.....ta dah! FISH & CHIPS--I haven't had that for over a year since Mr. Atkins entered my life!!YAY) and returned home.  I sauntered into my sewing room, just waiting to hear Mr. Georges complaining about something or other and.......................
"What to my wondering eyes appeared..?" pinned over where he hangs...but this:

And I heard him mumble as I stared "Well, well, do you think I'd wait forever??" OMG--he had rifled through my stash at night and chosen his own backing!! [And it's even starched and ironed??? Yikes--good thing Halloween has passed or I'd be really scared--ya think (LOL).....]

And so my little 9-patchers will live to become the FRONT of another quilt; 

This is what I did this morning while Georgie hummed some Revolutionary tune to himself (must be really old, as I don't even know it!!) 

These will total--when done-- 85 more 9-patches-- (gee Barb, do ya think I'm turning into a 9-patch lover? A true love/hate relationship goin; on here). Not bad for a mornings' work...

We still--amazingly--have some color left on our trees even after those winds and downpouring rain:
this is the view out my tv room windows...I love that burnt orange against the blue, blue skies....

I looked down in our dingle that stretches off our back deck and saw those red sumac bushes and then looked up and saw the clouded sun peeking through what will soon be totally bare branches...and so here we stand in between Fall and Winter....

hugs to all, thanks for playing along with my Georgie Peorgie saga...stay tuned for the next thrill-laden installment ;--)))
Huigs, Julierose, La blageuse

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  1. Wow! that's a lot of nine patches, and I thought you hated them. My Georgie blocks are laying on a table in my sewing room. I need to start sketching out my idea and see if it will work out mathematically, that is what I tell him anyway. Baltimore Garden really needs to become a top first, but that is our secret.


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