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Sunday, November 9, 2014


Here's where I was this afternoon-- IN HEXAGONIA HEAVEN--using my new GO!BABY die for cutting fabric AND paper hexagons.  I lost count as to just how many I cut in 45 minutes.  

This die is amazing--(I am not in the pay of Accuquilt either--just sayin') ; it cuts SIX layers of fabric on the lower four shapes --so 24 in only ONE pass AND TWO layers of paper or cardboard in that same pass yielding 8 paper backings.  

I used 8.5" x 11" freezer paper and folded it in quarters to get 4 sets of double papers.

I am in love with this die!  No threads to snip off--I did a generous accordion fold of 6" fabric to cover the hexagons.  
and now I have all of these perfectly cut hexies to add to my Monet's City outskirts--
the fabric (tan/black )--is french script and the blues are some batiks and some hand dyes representing the waterways where those gorgeous waterlilies he painted grew.  

See how you get that perfect 1/4" (YAYA!!) allowance to fold over and either baste or use the spray starch method..I have always basted them...but may try that spray starch on a few. 

This is how I attach the freezer papers--easy peasy...

(Excuse my old ironing board cover )--I line them up and just iron over 5-6 at a time....

then I can sit and watch tv with my sweetie at night and baste away...

I haven't decided how to add these as yet to my main piece--but will lay them out this week..

There is no way with my hand/wrist and shoulder problems I could have C U T  OUT  all these pieces.  So, for me, the cost of the die is really worth every penny.  

And so another gray day passes by us and soon we will be in Mid-November....hugs to you all--

Julierose, La Blageuse P.S.  DH says"Someday I will hear a muffled sound from your sewing room and I will have to come in and rescue you from those stacks of hexagons that have taken over!!  Hahaha....


  1. Hexagonia - I love it! Looks like a great way to do hexies - looking forward to seeing this project evolve!

  2. Fantastic...I will have to check out that die!

  3. Hexies are real fun. So good to see that you are helped with this cutter. I don't think it would help me, because I do so small hexies.

  4. You are all ready for an evening of hand stitching!

  5. I love cutting the hexies with my die cutter also! Now, have you seen how I prep them on my blog? If you get tired of basting with thread, check it out!

  6. I do agree with you that Accuquilt cutters are a gift!! I couldn't do without my GO for cutting now.

  7. Thanks to your DH for the smile!
    So glad you could join us for some slow stitching!

  8. Hexagonia - what a cool name! I love hexies. I glue baste mine with a glue pen and they go fast. That die cut is amazing. I invite you to link to Hexie Weekend to tell readers about it. Ends today, midnight.

  9. I've been thinking of getting some sort of cutter. You make yours sound so good! I'm going to look into it. Wouldn't that be a nice Christmas gift from my kids/husband??

  10. Sounds like a beautiful project. My hands bother me when I went to sewing the hexies together. I guess I just need to do a few day and not push myself so hard.

  11. I love EPP and hexies ... the hexie die for my GO is on my Christmas list.

  12. I think I want one, my cuts sometimes are off


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