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Sunday, November 2, 2014


So glad I took pix yesterday of our Fall turning leaves; this morning I awoke and they were almost all blown away; cold front winds still howling......
And So (sew!):
I went into my room this morning and finally sewed last border on Georgie
the one at the top--less dense, but still flowery...and then

I realized that I had cut GAZILLIONS of pieces ready to become 9-patches....my nemisis it seems--none of them come out evenly! 

And so, thinking of the back of the quilt for Monsieur Georges, I made these blocks....

Those wonky 9-ers in a cross hatched pattern--and so I now LOVE them! 
should I use them on the "back"?  Or make another top with them....here is the pile I have left to go--

22 more plus 6 on my cutting table and many 1.25" red and off red strips I found in my drawer--in the back!! (Oh that stash does come in handy).

And so another decision makes its way into my brain....I also have some big 9.5" flowery blocks left over that could become a plainer backing for Georgie...I hear him tapping his foot ("ZUT--ALORS!!" ---I think he must have known French--don't you think??  " Une autre decision pour faire!!")--his face is turning red--I SILENTLY AND SLOWLY  crept out of the room and closed the door on his shenanigans....what to do, what to do? 

What would you do????   ;--000

MEANWHILE: as this is Slow Stitching Sunday, I am working on these: my Monet's City hexagons--yes, my thumb allows me about maybe (with wrist/thumb support on) to sew a row!  I am doing my "Happy Dance"...

I am blowin' in the wind today...the Season is really changing and I want to finish up Georgie before the New Year--at least get him layered for quilting....
Have a warm and toasty Sunday--
P.S.Tom feels so much better today-- he made his Spaghetti Sauce with meatballs for supper--YAY--no cooking for Julie today!!  What a guy....

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. WWID? I'd give Georgie the plainest backing and save my hard work for another top - or make Georgie bottom heavy... that'd be a good chuckle on him. Make him taller.
    Glad to hear your hubby is cooking. You can't feel terrible and cook. I'm getting to eat out for a while now... kitchen is packed up except for a few breakfast dishes. My house is a mess.
    The new owner came for Halloween to see how we do the Harry Potter Greenhouse plant give away. She loves it, and plans to do it, too. (The kids eyes light up when the realize they get a plant and candy... that's what got her.) So my legacy will live on for a while here... and hopefully in our next neighborhood, too.

  2. thanks for your input Terri--I am leaning toward that idea of a plainer back--get him offa ma wall!! heh heh
    Nice legacy and super idea: plant plus candy--how can you go wrong? hugs, Julierose

  3. I agree with terri - save the nine patches.
    wow is it every blowing!!!

  4. You know perfectly well the answer to your question. LOL. You Have to make another quilt with those blocks!

  5. I agree - go with a plain back and get George finished and let those nines shine in their own new quilt! Lucky you - not having to cook tonight. I cut up some onions before they spoiled and made french onion soup over a few hours on the stove top today. I got take out chicken and sides for lunch. They get a choice of the two for dinner.... and I am going to go sew the last 13 of my Celtic Solstice blocks!

  6. Well George is looking good!! and your Monet's City hexes are looking lovely - watch the thumb! Pleased to hear your husband is now able to cook - always nice to not have to cook the meal yourself.

  7. Now don't let Georgie boss you around! You make the decisions and show him you are in charge! LOL

  8. I too agree with Terri ... use those incredible nine patches to make another top. Glad your husband is feeling better ... always a good thing. And if he's now able to cook ... that's even better!

  9. I love your "Georgie" and I like the idea of using the 9 patches on the back. So often the back of a quilt is seen as much as the front, unless you are going to hang it on the wall. Put them o. The back and you get two quilts for the work of one quilting:)

  10. I would save those 9 patches for a new project and make a simple back for Georgie--you can't have too many unfinished projects laying about, right?!? So happy to hear your hubby if feeling well enough to be up and about. I'm envious that he cooks--Mr. Moosebay's specialty is frozen pizza!

  11. I vote the red blocks become a quilt of their own, I love them too!

  12. I agree save those nine patches for another quilt top! They look great!

  13. Those are great, I read mysteries to and love them set in England, have you read the inspector Banks ones by Peter Roberson?

  14. They are too pretty for Georgie. I say a new quilt top. our trees have mostly lost their leaves in the snowstorm we had last weekend. now to dry up enough to get rid of them! glad hubs is feeling better <3

  15. Monet's City hexagons are very unusual. I really like them.
    I think George gets a plain back and I think you have another quilt in the works.


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